The Game Awards 2021: l’evento in diretta!

Ready to watch The Game Awards 2021 live? Yup? Then join us on this long night full of prizes and announcements! Here the live video

The 2021 is now in its final stages and today we are here to follow in direct this new edition of the The Game Awards. A particular year this 2021, the first in the life of the next gen. Some have called it a transitional year (and perhaps they are not completely wrong either), but one thing is certain: it has been a year full of interesting titles and the balance of the GOTY race proves it. So ready to follow the event with the official player of the direct.

The Game Awards 2021: here is the live video!

Before proceeding with the official player of the live video of The Game Awards 2021 let’s go, as usual, to speculate a bit. Many prizes at stake and a lot of balance in each category. Beyond the awards though, big things are expected in terms of announcements and introductions and it was Geoff Keighley himself who threw loads of hype on an already very lively fire. We are therefore ready to follow this very important event together. The video game Oscars are here and we are ready to enjoy them! Good event to all:

Let us know with a comment in the dedicated section below what you think of this event. Do you agree with those who were the winners? Would you have given any awards in particular to some other title? And then, the expectations on many announcements and news in sight in the coming years, were they respected or was there a bit of disappointment and a bitterness in the mouth? We invite you to tell us yours.

By now at dawn we greet you and we advise you to stay tuned on the pages to follow all the post-event updates. If, on the other hand, you want to buy some video games at a discounted price, take a look at the Instant Gaming catalog. Hello and see you soon!

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