What are the 20 Google searches that yield the most economically?

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We have all surely noticed that when you type a certain product on Googlethe page appears research and the first results to come out are the sponsored ones. In order to be at that point, it is necessary to pay Google and this, for the company, represents a remuneration not indifferent.

Here are the 20 Google searches that bring the most money to the company

Il antitrust trial brought by the US Department of Justice against Google highlighted how the giant makes money from these searches and emerged from them 20 of those that brought greater profits in the week of September 22, 2018.

These are the keywords that bring the most revenue to Google:

  • iphone 8
  • iphone 8 plus
  • auto insurance
  • car insurance
  • cheap flights
  • car insurance quotes
  • direct tv
  • online colleges
  • at&t
  • hulu
  • iphone
  • uber
  • spectrum
  • comcast
  • xfinity
  • insurance quotes
  • free credit report
  • cheap car insurance
  • aarp
  • lifelock.
  • We are not surprised to find an Apple product first: in 2018, in fact, it was launched l’iPhone 8 and his models to follow. And iPhone, as is normal in the launch window, was particularly popular for purchase, and therefore profitable, in September 2018.

    We then have the research on ainsurance and airline flights that lead to sales and profits. Instead, in the cases of “at&t”, “xfinity”, “hulu” e “uber” people were probably trying to access those websites, not buy products. Moreover, Google has long encouraged brands to purchase advertising space for queries with their own name, to prevent the search results space from being dominated by a competitor.

    How Google’s cost per click works

    Per “cost per click” we mean that strategy whereby an advertiser pays every time someone clicks, and therefore opens, the advert in the search results. From the list mentioned above, it is not clear how much the cost of each research is nor the earnings that can be obtained from it.

    According to what The Verge states, however, the cost per click is much higher for all those searches which are a lot specifications, and which therefore cost the advertiser more. Precisely for this reason, the company prefers to bet more money on those searches that do not earn as much as specific ones, but which are clicked much more.

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