What are the benefits for Twitter Blue subscribers?

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Among the great and controversial Twitter revolutions promised by Elon Musk, there is also Twitter Bluea monthly subscription plan that offers exclusive benefits and features to users.

The subscription, which costs well $8 a month ($11 on iOS), promised to provide greater visibility to subscribed users. But how? An answer comes to us today directly from the company.

Twitter Blue: more features, benefits and visibility

Twitter Blue subscribers can now upload videos up to 60 minutes, with a maximum weight of 2GB and in 1080p quality. Clips for standard users however cannot exceed 2:30 minutes, with a maximum size of 512Mb at lower quality. It should be noted that this premium feature is currently only available on desktop.

However, one of the most anticipated benefits promised by Twitter Blue is that of greater visibility of the contentsthe. Last month Elon Musk explained that subscribers would have “priority in replies, mentions and searches on the app”. Twitter Blue users would then benefit from a priority ranking in relation to the algorithm. This would then highlight subscriber profiles, tweets, and replies. There Twitter Blue support page states that these features are already active, although it does not explain specifically how this “privileged treatment” works.

Other features currently active for Blue subscribers are the reduction of advertising contentthe ability to edit tweets (only within the first 30 minutes of posting) e private folders to organize your bookmarks. Finally, the novelty that most of all caused discussion: Twitter Blue subscribers will have the famous one blue check mark. Twitter also recently added the tweet view count for all users.

Finally we remind you that Twitter Blue is not currently available for the Italian market.

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