What are the most common family size cars in Italy?

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It is well known that, of all the types of existing cars, family cars are the most comfortable under countless points of view. For anyone who has children or takes long car journeys, this aspect is even more important

In Italy, it is a segment particularly appreciated by motorists and, as often happens, the choice of one model over another depends on current trends.

Among the numerous vehicles on the market, there are some that have aroused the interest of the population of our country the most, for one reason or another.

What are the most popular? Are there any brands that stand out from others? On what characteristics are family cars evaluated?

We will answer all these questions in our article, illustrating, among all the possible solutions, which is the ideal alternative for those who want a spacious car today. Furthermore, we will see the latest news arriving and what the most famous car brands offer for this specific category.

The most popular family car models

The family car category was created to meet the needs of those who, having a large family, need a lot of space. Practical, functional and large, this is what cannot be missing from a car of this type. In reality, its uses can be diverse: it is perfect, for example, for those who travel often and need a very roomy boot, or simply for people who love the comfort of a station wagon, preferring it to a small car. This category of cars has been given impetus not only by the advantages that distinguish them, but also by the rise to the fore of new alternatives to purchase, such as long-term rental without advance payment, a solution that allows anyone to treat themselves to a car more spacious and equipped.

Among the most popular cars in Italy, in recent years, some brands stand out, which have been able to meet the need for a comfortable vehicle, without giving up technology and design.

Among the brands to mention, we certainly have Jeep, which offers two versions of family cars. The first model is Renegade, which has immediately enjoyed great success since it entered the market. A tall, comfortable and spacious SUV, with a trunk suitable for accommodating large loads. The second proposal is the Compass, a car that guarantees comfort and certainly does not go unnoticed. This model is also interesting because, if you want to buy it used, you can find several at reasonable prices.

For Fiat cars, long-term rental, with and without advance, has helped to give a further boost to a brand which, also in 2022, confirmed its leadership in Italy in the car and commercial vehicle sector. The 500X, in particular, is ideal for families, because it combines the agility of a city car with the practicality of a compact SUV. It is followed by the 500L, a car that can hold 455 liters in the boot and which, even in the passenger compartment, ensures ample space for passengers.

At Nissan, the Qashqai is perhaps the emblem of the category. Chosen by thousands of families for the spaciousness of the interior and the unmistakable style of the Japanese brand, it asserts itself on the family car market.

Volkswagen’s proposal should not be underestimated: the Tiguan model was a huge hit, because it is a dynamic SUV with all the comforts. With the rear seatbacks folded down, there is certainly no shortage of space. An excellent solution for those who want to invest in a family car, suitable for different needs.

BMW fully earns its place on this list, with the 3 Series Touring model. This family car is great for traveling in comfort, thanks to its functional and practical interior. However, the Bavarian brand has another ace up its sleeve, the BMW X1: it is a compact SUV, which lends itself to a thousand uses. Performance and reliability characterize it and make it one of the most chosen cars for this specific segment.

We cannot finish this list without mentioning the station wagon by definition: the Audi A4 Avant is a perfect car for long journeys, designed to cover many kilometers comfortably and carry everything you want with you. The practical trunk of almost 500 liters is a safety and an optional not to be missed.

The latest in family cars

Many car brands have created new models of family cars, to meet those who love the practicality of these vehicles. What’s new this year?

The German house Opel has launched the Astra Wagon, a new generation sedan, with an elegant style and plenty of space available for cargo.

The French respond with the Peugeot 308 Wagon, where innovation is taken to the highest levels. Faithful to the brand’s signature eye-catching lines, this family car incorporates state-of-the-art hybrid engines and all the comfort needed for large families.

Another interesting novelty comes from Kia, with the Proceed model: a station wagon with an intriguing look, but where what makes the difference are the technological systems. Safety, reliability and, of course, lots of space.