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What features will Apple’s “cheap Vision Pro” have?

Apple is thinking of a cheaper VR headset than Vision Probut which ones functions will have this new device? Compared to the Pro that we will see at the beginning of next year, what will be missing? And how will the price vary? The first analyzes suggest that there will not be a function that perhaps not everyone will regret.

Vision Pro, what functions Apple’s “cheap” VR viewer will have

To start, we need to understand that how much the new version of the headset will cost – which despite being “cheaper”, will not really be “cheap”. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is aiming for a price between 1500 and 2500 dollars for this model. More accessible, but still quite expensive.

To reach this price range, according to Gurman Apple plans to eliminate the EyeSight feature. An external OLED display that is used to project the user’s face and facial expression to viewers. A function that perhaps not all users will miss.

apple vision pro eyesight min

The EyeSight works by projecting a three-dimensional representation of the user’s face and eyes on an external curved OLED panel. This allows you to “look into the eyes” of the user wearing the visor. A technology that can be expensive. And not critical to taking advantage of Apple’s mixed reality.

Additionally, the cheapest Vision Pro headset will see a reduction in the number of cameras and sensors as a further measure to reduce costs. But it seems like this shouldn’t compromise the VR experience much.

In parallel, Apple is reportedly working on a second-generation high-end version of its Vision Pro VR headset. It aims for weight reduction and greater comfort for the wearer, along with improved chip specifications.

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