What If…? episode 7: Thor a soulless handsome

What If…? is now in its seventh episode on Disney Plus and focused on Thor, in a totally bizarre and unexpected way. Here is our review of What If…? Episode 7

ORIGINAL TITLE: What If… ?. GENDER: Superheroes. COUNTRY: United States. DIRECTOR: AC Bradley. DURATION: 9 episodes, 34 mins approx. DISTRIBUTOR: Disney +. RELEASE: 22 September 2021.

What If…? comes to its episode 7 on Disney Plus and we discover its review, as we get closer and closer to the end of this mini series and definitely returns to have fun in the varied world of hypotheses and the fate of the Marvel protagonists. This episode focuses on Thor and shows us the hypothesis in which the young God of Thunder grows up without brother Loki and so he doesn’t become the hero we know. To sum it up, he becomes a mindless handsome guy who acts like a teenager who crashes college parties.

When Thor becomes the party king | What If…?

The creators of the series wanted to continue experimenting, returning to a comic and ironic narrative language, deliberately exaggerated in quotes and moments out of context. We are in an episode that reminds us of the same intention as the fifth, dedicated to zombies, but it can be said more successful. Obviously, all this if we consider that we are facing a game of experimentation, but not if we consider the episode in its entirety.

In its entirety, the episode unfortunately still has no plot or adherence to the theme, of the hypothesis and on the whole continues to leave nothing to the viewer, except in this case a lot of laughter and some action scenes however well conceived.

What If ...?  episode 7: Thor a soulless handsome

Thor, without Loki who is his half-brother here, is a beautiful beardless and superficial boy, who comes down to earth to throw lots of parties and let himself go to perdition with beautiful women and lots of alcohol. He’s not a hero, he doesn’t want to save the world, he just wants to save face when his mother comes down to earth ready to take him back to their world.

In this very confusing context, as if that were not enough, we also find Captain Marvel, who intervenes sent by the SHIELD to stop the debauchery of the protagonist and bring him back to order. This turns into a good battle between the two, well done and action packed, however useless and meaningless though it is.

Hypothesis of another universe | | What If…?

In this context, the “what if…” actually presents us with another universe, in which a structural change changes the personality of a character and also all events. A universe that is actually devoid of ultimate meaning, morality or narrative structure. Surely the joints of games, quotes, Easter Eggs, are well managed, but they are far removed from the Marvel universe and from what we are used to seeing in comic book cinema adaptations.


It can be said that this episode 7 is certainly the most “empty” of all, a bit like Thor’s personality in the hypothesis of growth without Loki who keeps his instincts and impulses at bay. A pure amusement of the authors, who try to entertain the public, forgetting however that from a series of this type, the public expects contents, alternatives, hypotheses that really know how to mix what we have already seen, always remaining faithful to the original storyboard.

When Thor is a soulless handsome

Points in favor

  • Fun
  • Full of quotes and references

Points against

  • Devoid of plot and meaning
  • Confusing in the events

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