The first humanoid robot launched by Oversonic is called RoBee

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Today we know RoBee, a humanoid robot that will operate in the health sector and in the most dangerous processes. The project is carried out by Oversonic Robotics, a Brianza-based company, which announces more than 50 units by 2022.

RoBee: the humanoid robot created by Oversonic Robotics

Leafing through his identity card we discover that his name is RoBee, is 170 centimeters tall and weighs less than 75 kilos. Particular signs? Well it’s a humanoid robot. RoBee is the son of the Brianza start-up Oversonic, which marks an important milestone in the field of robotics. The prototype will initially be destined for dangerous processes and will subsequently move to the healthcare field. It will also operate in departments such as Covid, where staff exposure can be at risk.

Oversonic aims to place at least 50 humanoid robots by 2022, as stated by Paolo Denti, managing director and co-founder:
“We already have the first pre-orders and, even if we are at the beginning of the new entrepreneurial activity, it is clear that the stock market is a possible natural landing for a company like this”.

In fact, in August, a dedicated capital increase by Oversonic Robotics was successfully closed due to the entry of Fintel, the Bulgarelli family’s holding company. ANSA reports that the latter has acquired 33% of the Brianza company. Together with Denti, there is also Fabio Puglia, another co-founder of the project. Puglia has a degree in mathematics and physics with a specialization in astrophysics at the State University of Milan.

“Already this autumn RoBee will be subjected to all the necessary certifications, after which it will be a product that is truly adaptable to the needs of the market: also customizable, but to be produced on a large scale”, conclude Fabio Puglia and Paolo Denti.

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