What If…? Season 3: the clip with Bucky Barnes and Red Guardian

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The second season has just been released, yet Marvel is already showing us a preview clip with Bucky Barnes and Red Guardian from season 3 of What If…?, giving us a first look at the third cycle of episodes of the animated series

After an excellent second season, of which we wrote a review of each episode, Marvel Studios has already announced season 3 of What If…?, the series directed by the storyboard designer Bryan Andrewswhich is about a series of alternate stories about the MCU’s most and least favorite characters. Disney didn’t leave us with a bad taste in our mouths, and in addition to the announcement, they also showed us a preview of a clip with the characters played by Sebastian Stan (the complete filmography here) and David Harbour, that is Winter Soldier and Red Guardian. We will already have the opportunity to see the two characters collaborate together in the live-action film Thunderbolts, a film due out in 2025 that will bring Sebastian Stan and David Harbor back to the big screen. In the meantime, however, it seems that we will see the two characters together already in season 3 of What If…?, but what exactly happens in the clip?

What If…? Season 3 and the clip with Bucky and Red Guardian: what happens in the clip?

The plot of What If…? revolves around the parallel realities where the lives of our beloved MCU characters turned out differently. This is one anthropological series which answers the question “what would have happened if…?” and shows us a visual answer to that question, with episodes that seem like ends in themselves, but which at the end of the season come together in the final episode. The strong point of this animated series is the one-of-a-kind animated stylewhich enriches the MCU.

Disney understood the potential of the series and was quick to announce it season 3 of What If…? with a clip with Winter Soldier and Red Guardian, a new couple from the MCU. The two characters will be important to the future of the MCU, which is why they decided to create one alternative history with them as protagonists. In the clip, which will be part of the third season, we see a younger Red Guardian and the usual gloomy and taciturn Winter Soldier, as they flee from the police. It is not clear what the chronological order of the episode is in the history of the MCU, but it will certainly tell more about this duo that we will soon see at the cinema. The clip, on the other hand, has the title of A look into the future.

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