What is Alfie Help: the new application that allows you to book a personal assistant

Alfie Help connects individuals and companies with personal assistants able to provide for the most varied needs, and all this through the dedicated, safe and intuitive platforms.

It often happens that you need a personal assistant “In flesh and blood”, who is able to carry out for us or with us personal services and daily errands relating to work or the family sphere. This need is greater especially for the business traveller, i.e. travelers and business travelers, and for elderly people or in any case need assistance and help for them. All this with advantageous prices.

Alfie Help: all active services

Finding the right person who can help you efficiently or replace you when needed is a time-consuming undertaking. Alfie, however, comes to the rescue: Alfie Help is the app that allows you to book for the hours you want a trusted and reliable person to be able to carry out important errands in a totally safe way.

Alfie Care aims to weave a network of help active throughout Italy as a caregiver of seniors and even people in need of help can use Alfie to perform various services in case of need. Alfie does not offer you standardized services but meets the needs of the recipient of the service by giving the possibility to ask for anything, such as:

  • Accompaniment to the doctor or to the hospital helping with check-in procedures and finding the exact clinic;
  • Purchase of drugs;
  • Accompaniment by means of the beneficiary or assistant;
  • Handling of practices or commissions by proxy;
  • Assistance of any kind;
  • Expenses at the supermarket helping in the maintenance and transport of heavier items;
  • Keeping company or going for a walk a few hours a day.

Alfie Care it is therefore aimed at a large audience of Italians who are unable to carry out commissions and those who, due to various problems, cannot do it on their own or do not have enough time to devote to a family member in carrying out the most natural commitments daily, all this only for the time you need.

Service Alfie Travellers, on the other hand, it is designed for all those who stay in other cities for work or vacation reasons and need to local assistance and support services, individual mobility, organization of times, management of reservations such as restaurants but also handling practices or personal shopper intended as an accompaniment in making purchases by indicating or recommending the most suitable shop or as a purchase of a good already seen and commissioned. The user will only have to indicate in the application the place, date, time and decide whether to compile the list of things to do or communicate it once met with his personal assistant: even at short notice the system will be able to track down one of the 1,000 personal assistants of the community, ready to provide all the necessary support.

To use the service you need to download the Alfie Help application on any type of device – iOS or Android – and register. It will then be immediately possible to book the first available Alfie.

Alfie is counting on a network of trained assistants and it will be possible, then, know in advance the cost of the service and pay in-app in advance by credit card.

Alfie also provides companies with a dedicated platform accessible from the site that allows the company contact to manage multiple bookings at the same time, providing assistance to all off-site employees. It is therefore an innovative system, designed to relieve companies of all unforeseen events that could arise during crucial moments such as business trips.