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What is converged infrastructure?

Converged infrastructure is a solution that uses a kind of form of data center management, which combines components such as computing, virtualization and networking

Have you ever heard of a converged infrastructure? Well, it is one solution hardware defined, designed to overcome the limitations and challenges of an independent storage and compute silo in traditional IT. The goal is to minimize the problems compatibility and simplify management through solutions that bring together networks, storage, processing but also system administration software, in a single “preconfigured package“. By contacting experts such as Nutanix you will have the opportunity to take advantage of all the advantages of these systems. Let’s find out how it works, why it is worth choosing it and above all, what is the exact definition of “converged infrastructure”.

Converged infrastructure, what it is and how it works

As already mentioned, converged infrastructure is a solution that uses a kind of form of data center management, which combines components such as processingthe virtualization and the networking in a specific appliance, ready to use. More and more companies choose convergent systems since they are still able to guarantee excellent hardware management. Thanks to these systems, resources can be consumed “on demand”. There is also often talk of hyperconverged infrastructure. This is a solution, however, which uses intelligent software. This software is used to combine x86-based servers and storage responses to create a software-defined solution in all its aspects. This type of system replaces all components of separate infrastructure, networks, storage, servers and storage arrays. Therefore, it manages to eliminate any criticality that arises in the management of legacy infrastructures.

Why choose a converged infrastructure

You can choose a converged infrastructure as organizations of this type make it possible to use computing resources effectively and efficiently. This plant then has gods costs very small. In fact, one of the main objectives of the converged infrastructure is exactly that of lowering the costs of managing the technology, also managing to increase the speed of distribution of services and software.

More efficient services

Many see converged infrastructure as the first step in the evolution of a service. The converged infrastructure, in fact, offers a management infrastructure simpler, as well as scalable storage capacity. Specifically, there will be a centralization of the management of networks, servers and storage, in order to be able to simplify everyday maintenance activities. Plus, the response will be much quicker as well as a provisioning accelerated and faster. In fact, it will be possible to reduce provisioning times from three weeks to less than one hour. Another important thing is that the path to the cloud it will become much easier, so as to facilitate deployment to both private and hybrid clouds. At the same time, greater control will also be ensured. In short, the advantages are numerous!

The important thing when you want to opt for a system of this kind is to always pay particular attention to choosing the types of solutions that best suit your needs. Do not forget also the importance of relying on real ones professionals, that will guarantee you safety and professionalism!

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