What is Kreacher doing in Hogwarts Legacy?

Che ci fa Kreacher in Hogwarts Legacy? Svelato un nuovo easter egg del gioco thumbnail

Hard to say if there are more secrets in Hogwarts or easter eggs in Hogwarts Legacy, popular action RPG set in the world of Harry Potter. Although more than two months have passed since the official launch, players continue to find references to the characters from the books and the adventures born from the pen of J.K. Rowling. In particular, a user has discovered that in Hogwarts Legacy there is an easter egg that concerns Kreacher.

For the uninitiated, Kreacher is a house elf who first appeared in the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, when Harry goes to his godfather’s house Sirius Black. Kreacher is an elderly and sickly elf, who has blind loyalty to the Black family (indeed, the Noble House of Black), pure-blood bastion and close to the dark arts.

For this reason the elf is never too friendly towards Harry, and despises his master Sirius, even if due to magical and elfin laws he is forced to obey his orders. After several obscure events, Kreacher will be able to have a positive evolution in the following two books, approaching Harry, but that’s another story.

But what does Kreacher have to do with Hogwarts Legacy?

Reddit user u/Xunlu_Tingzhi, wandering through the Hogwarts library in the game, found the portrait of a house elf very similar to Kreacher. While there’s no way to know with 100% certainty it’s actually him, the resemblance is striking, especially if we take the Kreacher we’ve come to know in the film adaptations as a reference. Judge for yourself.

True, Hogwarts Legacy is set about a century before the events of the Harry Potter books. However Kreacher is believed to be hundreds of years oldand in the saga books he is described as a very old elf, therefore his presence in the game is consistent. It also makes sense for Kreacher to be present at Hogwarts, given that Phineas Nigel Black, another character in the books and ancestor of Sirius Black, is in the game as the school principal. In a specific mission (two if you choose Slytherin as your home) you will also have the opportunity to interact with his personal house elf, which however is not Kreacher.

Other characters in the saga that appear in the game are: the portrait of the Fat Lady, Nearly Headless Nick, Pix (sadly absent from the film adaptations) and Professor Cuthbert Binns. Furthermore, Hogwarts Legacy introduces us to a whole series of characters who are presumably ancestors or great-grandfathers of those featured in the books and films, including a great-uncle of Lord Voldemort. To learn more about this aspect, read our dedicated article.