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World Earth Day: Kobo introduces eco-friendly devices

Small actions and everyday gestures represent an important starting point for taking the first steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. There technology it is one of our most faithful and assiduous allies, which has now become fundamental in a large part of our lives. It is therefore no coincidence that new ideas and sustainable products come from this sector that help us approach more informed choices, while not giving up on performance and comfort. Also Rakuten Koboa leading company in the digital reading sector, is dedicated to the environment by adopting a eco-friendly approach and the latest eReader models – Clara 2E blanket and Elipsa 2E blanket – are a clear example of this. But how much are we really aware that even the objects we choose to buy and which accompany our daily lives are to all intents and purposes fundamental tools with a view to a green revolution?

Device eco-friendly, Kobo Clara 2E

This is the ideal eReader for the eco-conscious who like to choose green way of sustainability. Made with recycled plastic and potentially ocean-bound plastic, this eco-conscious eReader packs big news into a small package. THE 16GB of storage of Kobo Clara 2E can accommodate many Kobo eBooks and audiobooks, while Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to listen to them wherever you want. KoboClara 2E, waterproof bathtub proof and unexpected splashes, it can become an excellent travel companion for all reading enthusiasts.

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Coat Ellipsa 2E

Coat Ellipsa 2E reconfirms Kobo’s commitment to an increasingly responsible future with eco-friendly choices. Made for big thinkers and powered by the Kobo Stylus 2, it’s ideal for focusing and organizing your thoughts. Thanks to the improved writing experience you can write directly on eBook e PDF, create and organize notebooks much more efficient than paper, and export them with integrated cloud services. With 32GB of storage10.3” ComfortLight PRO touchscreen and Bluetooth wireless technology, Kobo Elipsa 2E is the ideal device for taking your library and all your notes with you everywhere.

These devices represent the first steps for Rakuten Kobo towards an increasingly sustainable path. During the year, thanks to the production of the devices, the company is committed to removing plastic bottles from the oceans and CDs and DVDs from landfills. An important signal that reconfirms the brand’s commitment and attention to such an important topic.

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