What is MIPS helmet technology? Everything you need to know

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We often hear about technology MIPS by and helmetswe explain what it is and why it is so important for safety.

What is MIPS helmet technology? Everything you need to know, press office source

For every activity there is a helmet

Not only in moto e mopedfor each vehicle and sporting and non-sporting activities: there is a helmet. Above all, the safety of ours displacements e tempo free must be protected.

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We often hear about the sistema MIPS, now adopted by numerous companies that produce helmets. It’s important to wear protection, but first of all to do prevention.

In many cases, the standard protection is insufficient, not ensuring an adequate defense for brain injuries due to violent impact. In this regard, the Swedish neurosurgeon Hans von Holststart studying the relationship between brain injuries and the helmet construction.

Trials, numerous tests and after twenty years the professor by Holstwith Peter Halldina researcher at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, have managed to develop a revolutionary technology that has significantly improved head protection in the event of an impact.

Their goal was to get a better shelter against rotational movementthat is, when the head is hit “at an angle” rather than a direct impact: The most common cause of hitting the head during a fall. An awareness that shook the foundations of traditional helmet technology, based until then on tests carried out with standard simulations, where the helmet falls vertically onto a flat surface.

What is MIPS system

Il system MIPS (Multi-Direction al Impact Protection System) created to facilitate movement between two surfaces in a helmet could reduce rotational motion. From this axiom it was developed MIPSand sliding plane system (of 10-15mm) designed to rotate inside the helmet in all directions.

Such is able to decrease the injuries caused by rotational movements. This is because the system is able to reduce and slow down the amount of energy transferred to the head.

How does it work

In the event of an accident and a blow to the head, the system Mips In the casco it is designed to help reduce the rotational motion of certain impacts, which could otherwise be transferred to the head.

Il Rotating motion is a common cause of concussions and more serious brain injuries in oblique blows to the head. The Mips system consists of a low friction layer mounted inside the helmet. In the event of a crash, the low-friction layer is designed to move slightly inside the helmet to help redirect forces away from the head. This is meant to help reduce the risk of brain injury.

Who is the Mips system aimed at?

Il sistema Mips it is for everyone who uses a helmet. So from sport, to leisure time up to work.

What are the helmets that adopt the MIPS system

Mips’ ambition is to exist in every sport, profession or business where Mips can make a difference. The system Mips comes in nine gods top ten brands of bike and snow helmets, and is also in motorcycle, equestrian, ice hockey, climbing and children’s helmets, as well as LEAF and construction helmets.

How can I know if my helmet adopts the MIPS system

It’s very simple, just search for the yellow dot on the back of the helmet. On many helmets you see an extra layer on the inside. On other helmets, the layer is integrated into the comfort padding and therefore may not be as visible. The product packaging for your helmet should confirm the inclusion of a sistema Mips.

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