What is the best mobile spy app on the market?

mSpyitaly is the best app to spy on a mobile, tablet or PC. With its over 150 functions, it offers complete and invisible remote control

We at TechGameWorld.com have tested several and, among all, the one that convinced us the most in terms of reliability, completeness and simplicity is mSpyitaly, what we consider the best app to spy on a cellphone or any other device currently available.

There are numerous situations for which installing a spy app on a device can be useful: think, for example, of installing it on your smartphone, so that you can find it at any time in case of loss, or installing the device on your mobile phone. your child, if you suspect that he may be a victim of cyberbullying or any other problem on the net. Or, let’s think about installing a partner or an elderly parent on the mobile phone, in order to be able to track them immediately in case of accidents or any other inconvenience (provided that, it is clear, authorization is requested, as described in the next paragraph).

What does the law say?

Before talking in detail about mSpyitaly, one of the most complete spy apps for any device, it is necessary to make a legal premise: in Italy, is it legal to use an app to spy on a mobile phone? Let’s start with the sale: the legislator, to date, has not placed any limit on the trade of spy apps; it follows that the sale of such software is completely legal. The problems, however, arise in the use made of these applications. It is clear that the installation of such apps to spy on someone’s mobile phone is a clear violation of privacy, which infringes the fundamental rights enshrined in Article 15 of the Constitution and punishable by up to 4 years of imprisonment (Article 617 bis cp). Therefore, the installation of any app to spy on a mobile phone or other devices must take place only and exclusively with the explicit consent of the person concerned and for benevolent purposes.

There is an exception, and it is the case of minor children. A sentence of the Court of Cassation (sentence 17 July 2014, n. 41192) in fact specified that a parent can “enter the sphere of confidentiality of the child … only for those interferences dictated by actual necessity”, thus evaluating case by case on the basis of circumstances. It follows, therefore, that the installation of an app to spy on your child’s cell phone becomes lawful only when the parent has a well-founded suspicion that the child may run more or less imminent dangers (think of cyberbullying, sexting or grooming on the Web).

mSpyitaly, the best app to spy on a cellphone

But let’s go back to mSpyitaly, in our opinion the best app to spy on a mobile, tablet or PC on the market. It is an Italian software, compatible with all devices (Android, IOS, Windows) and very easy to install. Once the purchase has been made on the website of the application, the credentials are sent by email to start the guided installation of the app on the phone to be monitored. The procedure is very simple, takes a few minutes and requires neither root nor jailbreak. Once installed, the software works in a completely stealth manner and no icon appears on the monitored mobile phone. The application is controlled remotely through a simple and user friendly control panel.

What, however, really makes mSpyitaly the most complete app to spy on a mobile phone, are the over 150 features it offers. It allows, in fact, the monitoring of calls, sms, GPS and any other activity that occurs on the spied cell phone. It allows you to check the activity that is carried out on any installed application, the messages exchanged and even to listen to the calls that are made through the applications (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, etc.). It also provides the ability to monitor what is happening around the controlled device, thanks to the environmental recording function.

mSpyitaly can be uninstalled at any time via the control panel, remotely.

The company also offers customer support that is always active and, unique in its kind, the “satisfaction or refunds” guarantee.

mSpyitaly exists in two versions, which differ in the number of active functions: the classic version at the price of 59.99 euros per month and the premium version at a cost of 99.99.

To find out in detail the potential of the most complete app to spy on a mobile phone or to request more in-depth information, all that remains is to visit the mSpyitaly website.