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What is the difference between legal and illegal sports betting?

Legal sports bets differ from illegal ones, they offer better odds, attractive bonuses and guarantee greater safety

The Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) is responsible for regulating gambling in Italy. So if you want to start any kind of gambling business in the country, you should contact them. Their website is available in English, but the gambling and licensing section is not. Sports betting in Italy is legal and in its current form regulated by Decree number 111, in force since 2007.

Why should you bet on legal sites?

Virtual sports betting (computer simulation but real teams and sports) and fantasy football (teams created by players and/or invented sports) are also considered an integral part of gambling in Italy and operators engaged in these activities require a license similar to that for real events. In order to offer their online sports betting schedules, foreign and Italian bookmakers such as those listed on the site must therefore acquire a license from the ADM to accept users residing in Italy. The favorite sport of the latter is football and the relative bets are offered in very varied schedules and with an infinite number of betting options. From what can be seen on the basis of what has been described up to now, it is advisable to bet legally to avoid being defrauded and to do so safely on reliable sites.

Is Illegal Sports Betting Popular?

Statistics in hand, sports betting lovers prefer to give up signing up to sites that offer specific schedules. The reason is related to the fact that almost everyone is aware that betting on an illegal online bookmaker runs the risk of not being able to collect the money won and putting personal and banking information at risk. Illegal betting sites will often have poor digital security compared to licensed ones. Worse, these companies have no real obligation to protect the personal and financial information of the users who choose them.

Illegal bookmakers do not provide clear terms and conditions

With lackluster digital security, illegal betting sites, as evidenced by various statistics compiled by review sites, almost always hide ridiculous terms and conditions. For example, a welcome bonus of 200% up to €1,500 even if it sounds fantastic, to cash out any winnings obtained you must meet the wagering requirements which are often 30, 40 or even 50 times the deposit plus the amount of the bonus itself. Also it must be said that a 10x requirement for a sports betting site is still too high, as in legal sites they are between 1x and 5x. Another factor that indicates the lack of transparency of illegal betting sites can be found in the fact that many operators impose a minimum withdrawal of €100. Bettors who prefer to place bets with a low budget often do not realize this when they deposit, since the aforementioned sites also accept deposits starting from €10 to attract customers. On legal sports betting sites, the minimum withdrawal is between €1 and €10.

Betting on illegal sites is breaking the law

For bettors who decide to place bets on sports events offered by illegal sites there is always a small possibility that they will run into problems and even if there is no arrest, they still run the risk of having to pay both hefty fines and find yourself with the site obscured losing all the money paid and won. Another problem that can arise when choosing illegal betting sites is to be considered tax evaders for not paying taxes on net winnings. On legal sites and in particular those regulated by the Italian ADM this does not exist since the withholdings take place at the source. Even foreign sites that are part of the European Union do not tax winnings for the same reason such as those with a Curaçao license which, although they operate in the Caribbean town of the same name, are still part of the Netherlands Antilles.