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What Italians are looking for on the web: here are the most sought after products

What are Italians looking for on the internet and on the web? The Observatory reveals it to us, the leading online comparator in Italy for number of searches. According to what emerges from his study, research related to salute and to personal care they are in the first place of many Italians. Let’s find out all the details.

What are Italians looking for on the web?

The prolongation of the health emergency clearly influences the constant change of priorities and of lifestyles of Italians and Italians, determining the net shift of interest towards health products e over-the-counter medications. This is what emerges from on the first 6 months of 2022, which sees research related to health and personal care widely occupying the top of the ranking by product categories.

Furthermore, moving on to a more qualitative analysis of the data, we note that in addition to the differences in the type of research between men and womenfor some categories users are guided by the search for specific products e brandas in fashion products, while for others, such as i large appliancesto guide the research are functionality e features – and also the prezzo.

For example, in the OTC drugs category, women are particularly sensitive to fitnesswith particular attention to blemishes of cellulitefocusing its interest on Somatoline. Men, on the other hand, think more strictly about health, looking mostly vasoprotectors e venotonicsin particular Daflon 500mg.

As for the face careboth genders show interest in i anti-stain products.

The differences between men and women, but also the clear orientations, continue in the search for fashion products. In particular, for the Sneakers and Sports Shoes category, the search by brand and model leaves no doubt: they are sneakers Nike Air Force 1 ’07 the most desired by men. Women, while showing a strong interest in Nike shoes (46%), however, prefer the Saucony Jazz Original.

Home appliances and smartphones

As for the large appliancesthe research by shows how Italians prefer to focus on main features of the product. In the category Air conditioners and dehumidifiersfor example, men bet on power and on the speed refrigeration. Women, on the other hand, aim for the comfort and al savings.

As for the refrigeratorswomen are more interested in storage of food supplies while men prefer the comfort and the savings.

The differences between men and women are many and interesting, however has also found several similarities that unite the tastes of genders.

Among smartphones, iPhone 13 is the product that all users prefer, both men and women. From the point of view of well-being, however, the cholesterol eh triglycerides torment both women and men: Armolipid Plus di Rottapharm it turned out to be the most sought after product among supplements. Interest in i rapid swabs for COVID-19 which remain – unfortunately – always in the lead among products dedicated to health.

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