What sets Google Cloud apart from competitors?

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Everywhere we turn, we hear about cloud computing. And the data shows it: about 96% of companies in the twenties of the new century use some cloud service

And it is not difficult to understand why: even if there are internet service interruptions or other problems, the cloud is always there, redundant (in the good sense of the word, that is, with data that is protected and undeletable by any hacker) and always available.

And there are three “big players” in the sector: Google, Amazon and Microsoft. But why choose one over the others? And specifically, why Google? There are four good reasons to choose Google’s cloud solution over that offered by its competitors: let’s see them together.

1 – Complete transparency of prices

When it comes to simplicity and price transparency, the Google solution outperforms the competition. While Microsoft and Amazon have a rather confusing set of options, Google is simple: the user pays on a monthly basis based on the use of the systems, with a minimum of 10 minutes of use interval, and prices rounded to the nearest minute. .

2 – Cloud platform optimized for data analysis

Each cloud service provider has their own specialization, which is well ingrained in their corporate personality. Amazon has an excellent infrastructure, Microsoft a fantastic operating system, and Google a set of exceptional tools for conducting big data analytics. And everyone knows how much this element is becoming preponderant to be a leader in the market.

3 – Google is faster than its competitors

Another feature that comes from its heritage is the processing speed. Those who run a search engine know perfectly well how important speed is in modern IT, and have tuned their machines to this goal. And he has built a series of infrastructures that allow Google servers to transfer data at stellar speeds – and in perspective, with the effect that his customers get more processing in the same amount of time.

4 – Migrations between virtual machines in real time

In practical terms, Google offers services that its competitors cannot deliver. And real-time migration is one of them. Basically, Google allows you to “copy and paste” virtual machines between host machines, and this allows you to continue your work without interruption, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

This means that the machines continue to run even during a software update, including security programs, and therefore there is no loss of performance.

In summary

Each company is a planet in its own right, and therefore, must conduct a specific analysis on its needs, crossing them with the offers of the three big players in the sector. And precisely because they are so different, it is possible that, under the test of facts (all three suppliers have practical simulation programs, which allow the client company to make a forecast of the expenditure commitment) the choice, from one point economically, it is evident.

However, it is useful to remember that the final cost is not the only variable to consider in the management of a complex infrastructure such as an IT system in the cloud, and it is therefore useful, before selecting a specific supplier, to carefully analyze what the numbers mean.