What to expect from CES 2023

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Il CES 2023 is about to arrive, ushering in the new year with a world of innovations and technology: what to expect from Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We at Tech Princess will be there to tell you about the best products and the most important news of the event. Which will range over different fields: fromautomotive to PCs, from VR/AR to smart homepassing through wearable, home appliances and many other areas. We can’t wait to tell you about it.

CES 2023: what news to expect?

The Consumer Electronics Show will once again take the entire city of Las Vegas by storm, expanding far beyond the borders of the Las Vegas Convention Center. In fact there will be events and press conferences at the convention center Mandalay Baythere will be exhibitions at the Venetian Convention and Expo Center, and then events of all kinds among the various hotel suites throughout the Strip.

The official expo starts on January 5th and ends on the 8th, but already the January 3 will be the CES Unveiled to show a preview of some of the most interesting news of the event, with the January 4 all dedicated to conferences most important of brands such as Bosch, LG, Samsung, TCL, Hyundai, Panasonic, Sony and AMD. But at Eureka Park we will also be able to find small emerging startups, new voices in the world of technology.

As much as we can try and run everywhere, tell every news in coming to CES 2023 that would be impossible (as well as boring, probably). But there are some interesting news that we expect to see, in all the various areas.

Computer and hardware world

Historically, CES is not a moment in which to see the novelties of the gaming world, but in 2023 there will be some gems: just think of the already announced laptop gaming 18-inch monitor from Alienware or LG’s 27-inch OLED monitor.

But we should mostly see laptops: Lenovo, Asus, HP and Dell they all have stands and press conferences, probably also to show off the latest 2-in-1s (maybe even some leaflets or other particular form factors).

Moreover, Intel, Nvidia e AMD will be in Las Vegas showcasing some of their latest, giving us an idea of ​​what chips will be arriving throughout the year. It seems for example that one GPU RTX 4090 powered for gaming may be the guest of honor.


Stellantis CES 2023

With the advent of electric and increasingly intelligent cars, CES has increasingly become an automotive event as well and 2023 is no exception: several interesting news will arrive. We know that Stellar will have a large stand that will focus on sustainability. Also BMW should have important news, con Hyundai which will present smart solutions for mobility but also different ones in the robotics field.

Even non-traditional brands in the sector will talk about cars. Qualcomm e AMD will show the platforms to make cars increasingly connected, Bosch will announce mobility solutions among the many innovations it will bring to Las Vegas.

What’s new at CES 2023: audio and video

lg soundbar 2023 ces min

Bigger, more gorgeous televisions look good in photography, too, but seeing them live is another matter altogether. So holidays like Las Vegas are a great time for brands to showcase the best TVs: we expect a lot of dedicated space from LG, Samsung and Sonybut also TCL e Vizio. The first ones made their debut in Las Vegas last year QD-OLED: Will the trend continue?

Also in the soundbar field there should be many innovations (we know for example that LG has at least two new products to launch). But there will also be space for projectors like those of THE LIGHT. And then several new headphones and earphones, although probably not the top of the line from the main brands (which usually come in dedicated announcements).


Meta Polytechnic Milan

Lots of news will come from the world of virtual and augmented reality, especially from (including European startups). Above all, the AR area should see many different brands launch products such as smart glasses or similar. But it looks like we might see some goodies for the VRlike new PlayStation VR2 Of Sony.

CES 2023: news in the smartphone world

smartphone Amazon offerte

Until a few years ago, CES was the perfect moment for big brands like Apple, Samsung ed LG to announce the latest news in the smartphone field. But in the meantime Apple and Samsung have started organizing dedicated events (later followed by the other brands), LG has even stopped producing them.

We don’t expect big news: last year OnePlus had announced the new 10 Probut this year has already organized an event in February. Samsung it could instead show some mid-range smartphones, as it had done with Galaxy S21 FE.

However, we may see smartphone or tablet ads from TCL e Nokiacon Lenovo which should present new Android tablet.

Smart Home: among the novelties of CES 2023 there will be Matter

matter support

After that Apple, Google e Amazon have signed, together with hundreds of other companies, the Matter standard, the smart home will become an important focus. The possibility of integrating different brands into the same ecosystem will see different startups and companies launch products designed for Siri, Alexa e Google Assistant. Expect lots of news.


Also expect many novelties in the wearable sector, even in new form factors. Indeed it seems that Movano want to launch a smart ring, after the success of that of Oura. There will probably be no news from big brands like Apple, Samsung o Googlewho will keep the news for dedicated events instead of CES 2023. But many relatively smaller companies will present a lot of interesting news.

These are just some of the What’s new at CES 2023: we will keep you updated directly from Las Vegas.

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