What to expect from the Apple event on September 14th

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Apple sent out the invitations for his next digital event: California Streaming, the keynote in which he will present the iPhone 13 and much more, arrives on September 14 at 10 local time (7 pm in Italy). The highly anticipated event will show the new devices that Apple has is ready to launch on the market. The rumors and precedents want the guest of honor to be the new iPhone. But it seems there will also be a new Apple Watch and the new AirPods. With some clues that suggest there may also be news in the world iPad e MacBook. Here’s everything we know aboutApple event of September 14, 2021.

Apple Event September 14, 2021: All announcements coming soon

For some time we suspected that the 14th would be the day chosen by Apple to present us the news for the new technological season. The announcements of the last few years have always arrived on Tuesdays since Steve Jobs Theater of Apple Park, on the Cupertino campus. And this time too it will be like this.

The name of the event recalls the famous song de The Mamas & The Papas, California Dreamin. A reminder of the technological dreams of many Apple fans. But also the modality of the event, which we will all watch streaming from home. And in all likelihood also the possibility that they will be news announced for Apple TV +, the Apple streaming service.

But it is the tech news that we are all waiting for. And they could be many (so much so that some suggest that Apple can make a second appointment in the next weeks).

iPhone 13, the protagonist of the next Apple event on September 14, 2021

iphone 13 apple event september 14th

The guest of honor and the center of attention can only be there‘iPhone 13. Apple’s smartphone is the most talked about ever, also due to the many leaks and rumors that came out of the production chain in China. They should come in four versions, as happened for 12: Mini, Standard, Pro e Pro Max. The latter two should be the ones with the most novelties, with the screen a 120Hz LTPO variable frequency. The LiDAR sensor could come across the board and the Pro Max model should have one new Ultra Wide Camera.

We don’t expect revolutions, not this year. But the A15 processor, better autonomy and the new operating system, it will be worth paying attention to this announcement. In the article below we have summarized all the news that we should see on the new Apple smartphone.

Apple Watch 7

Cupertino’s new smart watch is ready for release and it looks like Apple will announce it at the event on September 14, 2021. However, maybe we should wait a few more weeks for the arrival in Apple Stores, due to the worldwide shortage of chips that slowed down production. It seems that after a long time we will see a change in design, with a larger display (thanks also to reduced frames) and one smaller thickness.

Apple Watch watchOS 7.6Photo Credits: Apple

The chip S7 it should improve performance but above all increase the autonomy of the device. In general, not a great revolution (we will have to wait until 2022 to see the new sensors for health which Apple is working on). But an improved smartwatch with a convincing design. in the article linked below you will find more information.

The AirPods 3 also arrive at the Apple event on September 14, 2021

According to rumors, Cupertino’s new true wireless headphones are also expected to be announced at the Steve Jobs Theater. They should have a look more like AirPods Pro and from the top of the range earphones they should also take some of the functions. We are almost certainly talking about the Spatial Audio and gods interchangeable rubber pads. But they could also arrive there active noise cancellation and some sources also report the possibility of wireless charging (although less “certain” than the other functions).


The AirPods 3 should therefore be a cross between the second generation and the Pros, both in terms of features and price. In the article below you will find some extra information.

The new iPads

With silicon shortages for chips and quarantines around the world, Apple’s product lineup has never been more uncertain. But on the first three products we talked about, there is almost certain evidence that the arrival is imminent. Apple could move Watch 7 to another event but we believe that by September all these products will be announced.

The iPad situation, on the other hand, is not as clear. The analyst Gurman ensures that the new iPad Mini 6 should arrive this fall, with thinner bezels and a new processor to deliver speeds never seen before in this small format. An update to this product line has been missing for a while, so we might see a new Mini on stage at the Steve Jobs Theater.

ipad mini 6 iphone 13 apple event announcements september 14th

Also the classico iPad should arrive in its ninth generation, decreasing in thickness and with a new processor. With the possibility that the frames decrease and the cameras improve, even the one for the Face Unlock. But maybe we could wait a bit beyond the Apple event on September 14, 2021.

The new Macs and MacBook Pros

Until recently, most leakers were certain there would be no big announcements in the Cupertino line of computers. Apple usually reserves desktop surprises for later autumn. But the image seen in the invitation (and on the cover of this article) seems to remind him Mac wallpapers.

I MacBook 15 and 16 inches have yet to arrive with the Apple Silicon chip, so we will be able to see the new version (possibly called M.1x o M.2). It would be such an important novelty that even the new iPhone is overshadowed. Or at least for Mac users.

macbook pro m1x apple event september 14th

If the chip is ready, we might see it announced on a new one as well iMac. Instead, it seems less likely that we will see a Mac Pro with Apple-designed chips: we expect a dedicated event for such a novelty. And at the moment it seems difficult that the dedicated event could be that of the 14th. But never say never.

More news coming for the Apple event on September 14th

In Cupertino we could also see “minor” announcements, with products on which Apple is experimenting (see the AirTags at the latest KeyNote). Some rumors speak of a possible rival of Amazon’s Echo Show, a smart display with Apple HomeKit. The name of the event might also suggest the soundbar with Apple TV included, which the company appears to be working on. Someone has also thought about the Apple augmented reality headset, but we are still a long way from a prototype to be presented to the whole world.

Difficult to know exactly what to expect. But we think that iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods may be the most eligible products. If some other news should arrive (perhaps among those we have mentioned), we would be more than happy to see them. And to tell you all the details as soon as they are known: we will keep you informed.

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