What to expect from today’s Xiaomi event?

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Today December 28, 2022 Xiaomi he organized a event loaded with important announcements. The absolute protagonists will certainly be Xiaomi 12 and the most powerful Xiaomi 12 Pro, the new top-of-the-range smartphones of the group. But they won’t be the only news. Smartwatch, tablet and also the software will play an important role during this presentation. In this article, based on the rumors and leaks of the last few days, we try to understand what to expect from today’s Xiaomi event.

Xiaomi 12 Pro, smartwatch, tablet and more: what to expect from today’s event

Today’s event “closes” the 2021 of the technology announcements, although then next year it will start again with the CES 2022. But Xiaomi in this event has the spotlight all for itself and does not want to disappoint. The announcements will be many but i absolute protagonists will undoubtedly be smartphones.

Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro, the protagonists of the event

We have already had the opportunity to talk a lot about these new flagships, which have several unique features to focus on. Both devices will have the brand new processor as their processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, capable of truly incredible performance, especially with the 12GB in RAM available.

The differences, however, start from the screen, a 6.28 AMOLED for the standard version, while the Pro has a E5 AMOLED LTPO second generation from 6.73 in. Both have 120Hz refresh rate, but the Pro will be on 2K a 3200×1440 pixel.

The standard model will have a 50MP, with another 13MP wide and a 32MP, with 20MP for selfies. Xiaomi 12 Pro instead has three 50MP lenses on the back: a Sony IMX707 as the main sensor and then an ultra wide and Samsung telephoto, with a 32MP sensor for selfies.

Finally, the battery. The standard model comes in at 4500mAh with fast charging a 67W, wireless a 30W and reverse charging at 10W. Instead the Pro gets to 4600mAh with fast charging a 120W e wireless a 50W, always with 10W reverse charging. In short, if Xiaomi 12 is a top of the range, Xiaomi 12 Pro wants to amaze everyone during the event and raise the bar of performance on smartphones.


In addition to announcing the two smartphones, Xiaomi will also show the new version of the software it develops, based on Android 12: MIUI 13. We still know little about the update, other than that it follows the trend of leaving more room for maneuver for users in terms of security and privacy.


But it seems he also wants to add several new widgets with a layout more similar to that of iOS 15 than Android 12. Xiaomi has never hidden the ambition to compete with the iPhone and the new interface does nothing to hide it. It remains to be seen if there will be other functions that allow Xiaomi to differentiate itself and do better than its competitors.

Xiaomi Watch S1: the company’s smartwatch is the big news of the event

If we have known for some time that Xiaomi would announce its new smartphones at today’s event, the arrival of Watch S1 it was kept secret until the end. Only yesterday we were able to see the design of the device. And we know even less about the specifics.

However, we know that the company sees it as a smartwatch “for professionals“, Therefore not just a product to monitor athletes when they run or play sports. Rather, a smartwatch that acts as a perfect companion to Xiaomi 12, with advanced features. And, it seems, a sapphire crystal super tough to protect it. Has Apple Watch found a worthy opponent?

xiaomi watch s1 design

Pad 5 Pro e Buds 3

In addition to the “highlights”, the flagships and the novelty in the smartwatch world, there are at least two other products that we expect from Xiaomi for today’s event. On the one hand, an update of Pad 5 Pro, announced in August of this year. But that should have a reissue with 8GB of RAM and 256GB internal memory. A more powerful version of the tablet that promises to be more dynamic during smart working.

But Xiaomi would also have prepared a new version of its Buds, the true wireless earphones with noise cancellation. The Xiaomi Buds 3 they should be the “basic” version compared to the Pro released at the beginning of 2021. So a lower price but a great attention to sound, with Hi-Fi quality thanks to two superdynamic magnetic units developed by Xiaomi. They should be able to reduce noise by up to 40 dB.

These are the news that we expect from the Xiaomi event of today 28 December, to close the year with a new line of smartphones with revolutionary technology, and more. We will update you with all the news and product specifications as soon as the official announcement arrives.

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