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What we expect from Google Pixels this year

Google dominates more than one market in the technological field, with many successful products – it would be enough to name Search, Gmail and YouTube. But it has not yet achieved success in the smartphone market. Despite its efforts to produce quality devices with the marchio Pixel, Google failed to compete with giants like Samsung and Apple: but this may change in 2023thanks to a lineup of really interesting devices. For all tastes – and all budgets.

Google in 2023 will launch a really interesting line of Pixels

Google produce i Pixel phones since 2016, when they replaced the Nexus series (produced by other companies, but with the collaboration of Google). These are devices that deliver a pure and smooth Android experience, no overlays or bloatware from manufacturers or operators. But over the years, Pixels have become famous among enthusiasts because they have an excellent camera and guaranteed software support for at least three years.

These features should make the Pixel phones highly desired by consumers. But unfortunately that is not the case. The reasons are different: first, the Pixels have always had dand defects or deficiencies compared to the competition. Let’s talk about important features such as the battery, a limited memory or a less attractive design. Which are often less performing than the top-of-the-range competitors.

Google Pixel 7aPossible Pixel 8 design

But on the flip side, the Pixels have always commanded a higher price tag than their direct rivals or Chinese-made phones with similar or higher specs. So they couldn’t compete with the top of the line for hardware and the mid-range for price – even if they were really interesting products, they struggled to compete with other smartphones. Finally, the Pixels have suffered from limited distribution and reduced promotion from Google.

These factors meant that the Pixels never sold as much as they deserved. According to the most optimistic estimates, Google sold around 7 million pixels in 2019, while Samsung has sold over 295 million and Apple over 191 million. In 2020, things got even worse: due to the pandemic and the cancellation of the original Pixel 4a, Google only sold 3 million Pixels.

But in recent years the situation has changed. Especially last year, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro caused both critical and (to a lesser extent) public enthusiasm. Let’s not talk about record sales compared to rivals – but the company seems to be on the right track. And maybe in 2023 the Google Pixels could reach the longed-for goal.

How Google reverses the trend

To reverse this negative trend and create the perfect Pixel phone lineup in 2023, Google is taking a few key steps:

  • Develop your own custom chip for your phones: the arrival of Tensor with the Pixel 6 has allowed Google to have greater control over the performance and energy consumption of its devices, as well as differentiate itself from the mass of Android phones based on Qualcomm processors. Furthermore, this has allowed smartphones with the Pixel 6a (our review here) to take killer shots, even with a less expensive camera: it is the best “camera-phone” in the mid-range.
  • Create multiple distinct models to cover all price ranges. Google currently offers only two models main ones (Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro) and a budget one (Pixel 5a). But the company is also thinking of launching a folding Pixel Fold, which would be perfect for the top of the range category.

Focus on Premium smartphones

google pixel fold specs all we know minMockup di Pixel Fold

Google’s current lineup is already very interesting. The Pixel 6a officially costs 459 euros, a very attractive mid-range price. The Pixel 7 at 649 euros is perhaps the best value for money, especially if found discounted on other online sites: it has smartphone performance with prices closer to a thousand euros and also unique Pixel features. At 899 euros, the Pixel 7 Pro enters the premium range, where, however, the competition becomes really complicated to beat.

But rivals such as Samsung or Apple come to launch products that go well beyond a thousand euros, such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It seems that the Pixel 8 Prowhich Google will launch in 2023, will not reach these figures – although we should see new premium features and a big new quality flat screen and at 120Hz.

The rival of premium smartphones could instead be the new one Pixel Fold, Mountain View’s first foldable smartphone.

The lineup of Google for i Pixel of 2023

A June 2023Google is expected to launch the first of its smartphones for this year: Pixel 7a. It will be an economic device, priced around 450 euros. We can expect a Tensor G2 chip like chip, the same seen in the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro this year. The camera shouldn’t be on the same level as the hardware, but we still expect great software solutions from the company.

In September or October we should see a Pixel 8 is a Pixel 8 Pro, with the main difference between the two in the photographic department – ​​the Pro is expected to have a telephoto sensor. But both should have one 120Hz screen and an ultrasonic fingerprint sensorbringing the two smartphones closer to each other.

However, it is not yet clear when the Pixel Foldwhich should have a large foldable screen and a significantly higher price.

So we expect for this year:

  • Google Pixel 7a: in June for around 450 euros
  • Google Pixel 8: in September/October for around 600 euros
  • Google Pixel 8 Pro: in September/October for around 900 euros
  • Google Pixel Fold: which will arrive at around 1,300 euros

In the future, the company may even think about launching a Pixel Ultra – exceeding one thousand euros without bending the screen. But to do that it would need to feature top-notch features and hardware, especially in the photography department. Where so far it has made the difference more thanks to the software than with the hardware. But for this year, we expect four Pixels – to which we will add headphones, smartwatches and even tablets.

Google is betting on hardware – e the 2023 Pixels will make a difference.

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