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The owner of the hacker forum BreachForums has been arrested

American law enforcement has announced the arrest Of Pompompurithe alleged owner of the hacker forum BreachForums. The hacker is out on bail, but is due to appear in court in Virginia on March 24.

BreachForums, the USA announces the arrest of the owner of the hacker forum

BreachForums is a website that allows users to share and sell personal data stolen from cyber breaches. Its alleged owner, a 22 year old man known online as Pompompuri, was arrested by the authorities on charges of committing several computer crimes. Pompourin’s real name, according to the authoritieswould be Connor Brian Fitzpatrick.

According to the FBI, Pompompurin allegedly managed BreachForums, offering to his over 24,000 members access to billions of personal data stolen from various sources. These would include names, email addresses, passwords, phone numbers and credit cards.

Born Russian hackers

Pompompurin’s arrest took place on March 15, but Pompourin got out on $300,000 bail. He is due to appear before the Eastern District of Virginia on March 24, according to Bloomberg reports.

After the FBI shut down RaidForums, Pompourin created BreachForums to provide data and attack vectors to hackers around the world. The cyber tools provided by the forum led to the recent attack on theUS House of Representatives health insurance, which had exposed data from deputies.

But among the other breaches there have been those to the FBI computer portal, the Robinhood financial platform and even a 5.4 million Twitter users, who have seen their emails exposed.

American justice will verify that the arrested hacker is really behind the forum that made it possible to carry out these attacks. We will keep you informed.

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