Cosa c’è da sapere su Need for Speed Unbound Volume 2, in arrivo il 21 marzo thumbnail

What you need to know about Need for Speed ​​Unbound Volume 2, arriving March 21st

What you need to know about Need for Speed ​​Unbound Volume 2, arriving March 21st thumbnail

Need for Speed ​​Unbound Volume 2 is the first in a long line of updates coming in the future for the latest title in the acclaimed racing franchise. The update will officially arrive on March 21, 2023, in a few weeks, and it is therefore time to warm up the engines and fasten your seat belts. Or maybe fasten your seat belts first and then warm up the engines, your choice.

The update will bring new ways for players to match and compete as a team in Lakeshore Online. Not only that: events, daily challenges and new races are coming. One for all? The Ultimate Luxury. But let’s proceed calmly: now let’s enjoy the trailer, then continue reading below for all the details.

All the news of Need for Speed ​​Unbound Volume 2

Following all the news that will arrive on March 21 together with the update:

  • New ways to tackle the streets: a myriad of additional content, including Endurance Events and the all-new Rumble Races. Players can also provoke the cops into thrilling high-speed multiplayer chases with the help of friends, or turn the tables and play against them for bigger rewards.
  • Challenges: 40 new challenges, including 3 daily challenges to get rewards like XP and Bank; players can also take on the new Hot Laps circuits for an intense 30-second run as they race against the clock to earn new rewards.
  • New Playlist Events: complete Playlists to earn great rewards, including a rare customized Lotus Emira Balmain Edition.
  • Rewards: Get ready to show off your unique style on the streets of Lakeshore with new driving effects, poses, stickers and more.

Finally, for the most diehards, comes the DLC Keys to the Map. Available at the price of 4,99€, the expansion reveals the map locations of all 260 collectibles (100 bears, 80 artworks, and 80 billboards) and 160 businesses. Also includes an exclusive “Fury and Zen” clothing pack, which includes a jacket, T-shirt, overalls, and cap.

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