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Microsoft goes all-in on AI: “A new technological era begins today”

As we have noticed over the last few weeks, Microsoft is literally going all-in on AI. The company has successfully implemented artificial intelligence on Bing, a search engine that has been defunct for years and which now, thanks to AI, seems even ready to compete with Google. Not only that: Microsoft announced just a few minutes ago Copilotthe new integration that will allow you to create PowerPoint presentations in an almost automated way, and is preparing for the launch of GPT 4 on Bing Chat.

In short in a historical period in which big techs are chasing AI, developing slow application projects, Microsoft seems to lead the race with stretches that are difficult to reach. As proof of this, the statements of the CEO arrive today Satya Nadella (via Ansa), who in a long post explained how AI is opening the door to “a new era of technology”.

Microsoft CEO says AI will provide the community with powerful yet balanced tools

Nadella’s words come directly from the event The future of work with AI, held today. During his speech, the CEO of Microsoft said he was enthusiastic about the progress made in the field of artificial intelligence.

“There have been many moments in human history that have marked fundamental turning points for the growth of knowledge enabled by technology,” he said. “I’m thinking of the birth of the mouse, the launch of the internet, videoconferences but also the arrival of the iPhone. Innovations have increasingly narrowed the differences between man and computer. Today we are starting a new era, a further step towards an even deeper symbiosis between man and machine”.

Important words and, in some ways, from an epochal discourse. However, Nadella also spoke about the use of AI, which he may have not necessarily positive implications. Concerns are mainly related to the moral and ethical incapacity of artificial intelligence. This, however advanced, is unable to distinguish right from wrong, the insult from the adjective or the tone of a conversation. On this issue Nadella said:

“The AI ​​we’ve been working on is different from that of the past. It gives us the possibility to help people, putting them at the center of a product, but it will depend on us. As a company, we feel the burden of having to work on responsible AI, to give the community powerful but balanced tools. In the development of artificial intelligence, one must follow the social, cultural and legal norms of a democratic environment. The more we progress towards advanced technological models, the more the ethical debate and controls will be important, even if rigorous”.

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