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WhatApp is the favorite chat, 33 million Italians use it

In Italy the messaging app is WhatsApp: 33.1 million users in Italy use the chat of Meta, which peaked at 35 million users in June. Also on the podium Messengeralso developed by Meta, and only in third place Telegram. Discord it grows a lot, also thanks to the contribution of gamers (who, however, are not the only ones to use it).

WhatsApp is the favorite chat in Italy, 33 million users use it

The analyst Vincenzo Cosenzabased on the findings Audiweb powered by Nielsen, reports the use of messaging apps in our country. According to this analysis, WhatsApp undoubtedly stands out with 33.1 million users, who used the app on average 10 hours and 50 minutes a month (in January even 11 hours and 29 minutes). There was, however, a negligible decline in 2020, but of almost 700,000 users compared to 2019.

Messenger on the other hand has 17.3 million average users in the first half of 2022, down from last year. Indeed down by 4.5 million (-21%) the average users of the Meta app, “a sign of the difficulty of Zuckerberg’s app to find its place with respect to its sister acquired WhatsApp”.

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Telegram conquest 15.5 million Italians coming in third place, next to Messenger. But it drops by 7% compared to the first six months of last year. On average, users use it 2 hours and 9 minutes with a 16% increase over the previous year.

Instead, it grows by 29% Discord, hitting peaks of 1.9 million users. The average time is 1 hour and 20 for users (who are not just gamers). Skype instead it drops by -14% reaching 3.1 million users, Google Chats (last year it was called Hangouts) together with Meet for chats touches only 1.8 million Italians. The resistance of Kikwhich 12 years after its launch on the market still has 1.1 million users. Signal however, it remains little known, used by 500,000 users. Which drop by -48% compared to last year.

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