Cosa c'è dietro l'attacco ransomware alla SIAE? thumbnail

What’s behind the SIAE ransomware attack?

The ransomware attack that has upset the SIAE these days? Not the only one. Unfortunately, a growing trend, as revealed by the data relating to this phenomenon, which emerged from the research “THE STATE OF RANSOMWARE 2021”, Carried out by SOPHOS cybersecurity experts.

Here are some of the most significant data, which occur after having suffered these tampering:

· The average cost of recovery after a ransomware attack has more than doubled in the past 12 months. Taking into account business downtime, lost orders, operating costs and other factors, these costs went from an average of $ 761,106 to $ 1.85 million. This means that the average cost that a company affected by a ransomware attack faces is 10 times the value of the ransom payment.

· The The average ransom that is paid stands at 170,404 dollars

· Compared to what was found in the previous edition of the research, the companies that decided to pay the ransom increased from 26% to 32%, but less than one in ten (8%) managed to recover all of their data.

· In Italy, the approximate average cost incurred by companies (SIAE and beyond) to remedy the damage caused by the most recent ransomware attack (taking into account downtime, staff hours, costs associated with devices and network, lost opportunity, ransom paid) a is $ 0.68 million.

Now we have to ask ourselves what the next developments of the story will be and above all how companies will try to protect themselves from this type of attacks that are starting to become increasingly frequent and harmful both in terms of digital sensitivity and economically.

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