The best sites to buy active and real Italian Instagram followers

Let’s find out which are the best sites to buy active and real Italian Instagram followers, the definitive reference list

With millions of users accessing it every day, Instagram has become an indispensable platform when it comes to marketing strategies. However, finding a place there is not always easy. In fact, with thousands of influencers each with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers on Instagram, it’s not easy to make space when starting from scratch or when you’ve just built a small community of a few thousand followers. To overcome this problem, many new influencers buy active Instagram followers. We will see together what they are the best sites to buy Instagram followers that stay and see if this strategy is worth it.

Top 4 safe sites to buy active Instagram followers

The best sites to buy active and real Italian Instagram followers is a must for buying Instagram followers. With efficient services and exceptional follower quality, it easily ranks first in our selection of the best Instagram follower sites.

Received followers are active on the platform, without loss, which is a big selling point over its competitors. The site also allows you to buy Italian Instagram followers at a fairly acceptable price.

To buy-like.with

The best sites to buy active and real Italian Instagram followers is a well-known site for its Facebook fan boosting services, but it also has a very efficient Instagram follower buying service. Just like Sosvisualizations, the followers provided by this platform are active and remain forever, unlike many sites that offer followers at the same prices as The followers are quite natural and you will have the possibility to choose a more or less fast delivery, which is very appreciable.

The best sites to buy active and real Italian Instagram followers

Chances are you don’t know Indeed, this site is very popular in Switzerland, but little known in Italy. It stands out for the quality of its services. The followers received are of quality, remain active and do not disappear. remains a good fallback solution if you don’t want to use the 2 sites mentioned above.

SocialFollowers: Best site that accepts PayPal

The best sites to buy active and real Italian Instagram followers

SocialFollowers is certainly one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. However, the site only accepts Paypal and this is why we don’t list it as 1st or 2nd. We hope they will accept credit cards soon as well. In the meantime, socialseguaci remains the best site to buy followers on Instagram with Paypal.

Why use Instagram Follower Targeted Buying?

To get visibility

When we start posting on social media, our publications go more or less unnoticed. And for good reason: social media algorithms have no interest in highlighting small influencers with a few dozen followers on insta.

Gain notoriety and credibility

If you’re just starting out on insta, there’s a good chance people who discover your account for the first time won’t take it seriously, but why? Simply because you don’t have enough followers on the platform. In fact, who would you follow between an influencer who has 10,000 followers on Instagram and an influencer who only has 500?

Secure partnership

Today, influencers are more and more numerous and it is known that those with the most Instagram followers get the best advertising deals. In fact, an influencer with 10,000 followers on insta won’t even be considered by a brand, or will, but very little: instead, an influencer with 100,000 followers or more will be able to get attractive ad deals.

The same goes for partnerships or collaborations with other Instagrammers. If you have a lot of followers on the platform, they will be more inclined to take photos / videos with you.

Buying insta followers: is it legal?

Yes, there is no reason why you cannot buy Italian Instagram followers. You are doing a simple marketing campaign just like you used Facebook ADS to promote your Instagram page. However, even as this strategy is becoming more and more popular, it is often not well perceived by some people, which is why we recommend that you use a reputable site that will provide you with your followers gradually and naturally, so that your community doesn’t you notice that you have chosen to buy insta fans to increase your reputation.

How to make your insta-fan purchase unnoticeable?

As mentioned, buying followers isn’t always well received by your community. Fortunately, there are solutions to make such a purchase completely unnoticed, let’s see how to do it step by step:

  • Buy insta followers delivered gradually
  • Buy Instagram likes
  • Buy Instagram views
  • Buy Instagram comments

The idea is to buy all kinds of Instagram interactions at the same time. This will make your purchase much more natural than having to buy followers one day, Instagram likes the next, and Instagram comments a week later. It is imperative to have a global strategy!

Buy Instagram likes for your photos to simulate a buzz

You must have already published some photos, if not you must publish at least some (2 or 3 are enough) because an account without photos and with 1000 or 10000 Instagram followers can seem suspicious.

Along with your purchase of active Instagram followers, we recommend that you maintain a ratio of one like for every 10 Instagram followers. For example, if you have 10,000 Instagram followers after your purchase, we recommend that you accumulate at least 1,000 Instagram likes on each of your latest posts.

This ratio of one like every 10 followers should be adjusted according to your number of insta fans. In fact, the engagement of stars who have millions or hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram is often around 2-8%. If you have 100,000 followers on Instagram you can for example have an engagement rate of 5%. It will therefore be necessary to buy 5000 Instagram likes for your latest posts or at least buy enough likes to get at least 5000.

By choosing to buy Instagram likes at the same time as your followers you will simulate a buzz around your account that will make your Instagram follower purchase natural for your fans.

Buying Instagram Views: Is It Necessary?

This will depend on the content you usually share on Instagram. In fact, if you don’t post videos often, you can buy Instagram views, but this isn’t mandatory. On the other hand, if you regularly post videos to your Instagram feed, it is highly recommended to buy Instagram views to maintain a natural like / views ratio of around 100 likes for 300 views.

Buying Instagram Comments: Does It Matter?

When it comes to buying Instagram comments, it will largely depend on whether your posts are engaging your audience or not. There are areas where comments are very frequent, for example in the field of make-up, where followers are used to asking questions of their influencers. If your account is related to this topic, there’s a good chance you need to buy Italian Instagram comments to make your overall strategy natural.

Tip: You can add tags to comments to reference your post on as many tags as possible quickly.

Buying Instagram Followers Cheap: Are There Risks?

Absolutely not! If you use a site that offers to buy cheap Instagram followers, you will at best get fake, low-quality, inactive followers, which you should definitely avoid if you want to maintain an acceptable engagement rate. The practice of buying cheap followers may seem like an efficient short-term solution to getting followers at a lower cost, but the reality is quite different. In fact, the Instagram followers provided by sites offering them at low prices are rarely lossless, meaning there’s a good chance the followers you bought will disappear as quickly as they got there. When making a purchase, it is imperative that the followers you buy are lossless and active, which is not the case when you go to low-ranking sites.

The same is true if you choose to buy cheap Instagram likes, you will not receive real insta likes and this can be bad for the visibility of your post: be careful!

How to buy active Italian followers on Instagram?

Buying active Instagram followers isn’t complicated for someone who already has experience in web marketing or social media, but for someone new to this field, it can be tricky to figure out how. Let’s focus on this: first of all, you need to choose a good site, one that is reliable and serious, but above all that provides Instagram followers without losses and that is active (you can rely on our comparison of Instagram followers sites, it can help you make a idea on which sites to favor or not). Secondly, you need to define the number of Instagram followers you need to buy. Once this is done, you just have to send the link or username of your Instagram account to the service provider of your choice and that’s it.

How to choose the right number of Instagram followers to buy?

We have seen above that you will have to choose an amount of followers to buy, but this is not necessarily obvious to everyone. To help you see this more clearly, we’ll go through several Instagram follower packs.

  • 100 Instagram followers
  • 1000 Instagram followers
  • 000 Instagram followers

The list is certainly not exhaustive, but it will allow you to evaluate your follower needs based on your profile.

Buying 100 Instagram Followers: Help Getting Started

Buying 100 Instagram followers is a fairly small package of insta followers. However, an increase of 100 followers when you only have 10 is still considerable. For an investment of just a few euros, you will have a significant impact on your account. However, if you already have several hundred or even thousands of insta followers, the interest in buying 100 Instagram followers will be much lower.

Buy 1000 Instagram Followers: Intermediate Package

The advantage of buying 1000 insta followers is that it is suitable both for an account that wants to get a boost to get started, and for an influencer who already has a few thousand followers and wants to solidify their visibility on the platform. By choosing to buy 1000 Instagram followers, you are almost sure not to go wrong. However, if your community is already large enough, it might be more interesting to opt for a package of 5000 or 10000 Instagram followers.

Buying 10,000 Instagram Followers: Is It Too Much?

The decision to buy 10,000 Instagram followers may seem overwhelming for an influencer just starting out. However, if the delivery takes place progressively, i.e. spread over several days or even weeks, and if the published photos receive between 500 and 1000 likes each, there is a good chance that the purchase will go unnoticed. Then no,…