WhatsApp adds polls to group chats

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Still a novelty from the WhatsApp beta for iOS. As reported by WABeta Info, the platform is working to allow users to boot polls within group chats. An option that would allow a member to create a survey that others can respond to by choosing from a set of predefined responses. In this way, the App wants to try to create as much interaction as possible between the members of a group. So let’s see how it will work.

WhatsApp iOS: the beta introduces the function for surveys in group chats

The new iOS beta of WhatsApp adds the option to create polls within group chats. To inform us of this news is WABeta Info, which recently shared a screenshot of the function under development. As you can see in the image below, in fact, users will have the option of ask a question to put to the group. The members who are part of it, in turn, will be able to respond by choosing one of the options proposed by those who created the survey. And like all the content on the platform, these answers will also be end-to-end encryptedwhich means they will only be visible to group members.

WhatsApp iOS

In this way, the WhatsApp iOS beta emulates the survey function already available on Telegram’s competitor App, which offers groups the possibility of creating surveys as early as 2018. When the option will be available on WhatsApp, however, there will be no it is still known. Beyond this feature, the platform is also testing another one to improve the group experience. This is the scheda “Community”, designed to make it easier for users to keep track of groups and communities. Again, we do not know when it will become available, but it is certain that this will come to improve the user experience on the platform.