WhatsApp and backup: end-to-end encryption arrives

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WhatsApp is about to launch a major new security update aimed at fully implementing end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp messages are already securely encrypted as they are invited, which means that no one, including WhatsApp itself, is able to see them. But, until now, the backups of those messages have never been encrypted, potentially leaving them at the mercy of hackers.

WhatsApp and backup: encryption arrives for greater security

A few hours ago WhatsApp has stated that it will implement the end-to-end encryption system for messages saved as backups as well, which means they will be placed in total security throughout the submission and selection process. The company said it has overcome the “last hurdle” when it comes to creating a fully end-to-end encrypted messaging service.

“We are adding a new level of privacy and security to WhatsApp – an end-to-end encryption option for backups that people choose to store on Google Drive or iCloud,” he said. Mark Zuckerberg in its official announcement – WhatsApp is the most used messaging service in the world and offering end-to-end encrypted messages and backups was a very difficult technical challenge, which required the creation of a completely new framework “.

This very high level of security, however, comes at a cost. In fact, if a user loses access to their backups, there will be no way to recover them, since WhatsApp itself does not have the key to unlock the messages, even with the consent of the person who sent them.

For this very reason, the feature will be optional and users will be able to choose not to activate it if they wish. This new feature will be implemented for users iOS e Android in the coming weeks, WhatsApp said, although we still don’t know when its launch is actually planned.

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