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WhatsApp announces Communities: how they work

WhatsApp announces the arrival of Communitywhich will allow you to combine group chats to manage groups of different nature. A novelty whose global implementation has already begun: in the coming months we could all use it.

WhatsApp Community: what they are and how they work

Already at the beginning of this year, WhatsApp had announced this new feature via the blog: the Communities. A kind of ‘big umbrella’ in which include several group chats, to better organize communities, especially local ones.

For example, the condominium you live in may have its own community, within which you can organize different groups. For example, the one to organize the cleaning of the stairs, the one to find yourself running in the park or the one to ask for help in any eventuality. Similarly, think of one Classy community which includes a group to communicate important information, one for students, one for teachers, one for parents, etc.

How to create a community on Whatsapp

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Creating a Community is really easy, as the messaging app itself explains on the blog. Where in fact only:

  • Tap the new tab Community (top in chats on Android and bottom for iOS)
  • Assign a title to the community, an image profile, a description
  • Add groups you are a part of in the Community

Once in this community, you can switch between groups to get information when you need it. Administrators will be able to send important updates to all members, it doesn’t matter which group they are in.

In this way you can reach different groups, without copying messages or forwarding them, without sacrificing the privacy and security of the crittografia end-to-end. WhatsApp explained that it has worked with over 50 organizations from 15 countries to develop communities. With these functions, it aims to streamline and make the communication work in these environments safer.

Group calls and increased limits

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In addition to creating communities, the messaging app has improved the experience in groups. To give even more opportunities to organize and work together. A very convenient and still unpublished novelty in WhatsApp is the possibility of create surveys within groups, to choose together.

Also, you can do video calls up to 32 people within the WhatsApp group, to be able to hear you even from a distance. And the groups get much bigger: you can add up to 1024 users.

There are also reactions with emojis even in groups, the possibility of share files up to 2GB (which is a great convenience especially for those who work). But there are also new administration tools, such as the ability to delete content by administrators.

All these news (and those promised by the company in the coming months) should make WhatsApp the perfect digital place to discuss like a real community.

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