WhatsApp: chats can be transferred from Android to iOS

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WhatsApp has been the most talked about instant messaging platform for some time now. Yet it resists very well, and with its 1 billion and 600 million active users it is still at the top of the ratings.

Certainly the social network has undergone a strong shock due to perhaps unclear (and certainly misunderstood) news on the modification of the terms of use and privacy, which took place last May 15 after a postponement. Change that caused a massive flight of users, especially in favor of Telegram.

Since then, for the platform there has been a succession of reports and fines for violating privacy, but also of initiatives in favor of transparency and ease of use.

The news of the ability to transfer WhatsApp chat from Android to iOS. Together with other innovations that should not be long in being launched. But still these days there is no lack of new references to the usual theme of privacy.

Let’s proceed in order, and first of all illustrate the upcoming news concerning the WhatsApp chat and beyond.

The news in the latest beta of WhatsApp

New features have been spotted in the version in the latest beta of WhatsApp. Precisely, the 22.2.74 for iOS, which would thus confirm what has already been intercepted by WABetaInfo in the beta version for Android. What is it about?

WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS

The most important news would concern the possibility of transferring WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS, using the Move to iOS app (also downloadable in Italian with the name Switch to iOS).

What do we know about the functionality so far? A little.

From the screenshots that appeared on WABetaInfo, it appears that the application will ask the user for permission in advance. After that the transfer of WhatsApp chat history from iOS to Android will begin.

Furthermore you should need a cable with a Lightning connector and a USB-C connector. As well as a new smartphone or a recent hard reset. And this despite the fact that the Switch to iOS app, developed by Apple for Android users, usually works by transferring data over a private ad hoc Wi-Fi.

For now, WhatsApp chats can only be transferred in the opposite direction, i.e. from iPhone to Android. And only owners of Samsung’s Galaxy and Google Pixel can do it.

Other news

In addition to the ability to switch WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS, there is another news coming, designed precisely to strengthen user confidence on the age-old issue of privacy.

WABetaInfo always reports that two-step authentication should appear on the platform soon, both for desktop and for Web. You can thus add a personal pin to your account, to be typed at each access together with the code that WhatsApp will send to the smartphone. The new function will thus increase the security level.

The EU commission “scolds” WhatsApp

As we said at the opening of the article, there is no peace for WhatsApp. And this news on the increased level of security seems almost an indirect response to what happened recently.

The European Commission has in fact returned to the issue of updating the terms of use and privacy, scheduled for the beginning of 2021 and then postponed to May 15 last year.

The central point of the matter was expressed by EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders. Who said: “WhatsApp must ensure that users understand what they accept and how their personal data is used, particularly when it is shared with business partners. I expect from WhatsApp full compliance with EU regulations that protect consumers and their privacy “.

What the EU has asked for immediate clarification is therefore the way in which the platform makes users aware of the consequences of accepting the new conditions of service.. Further doubts have been raised about the correctness of the app notifications that push to accept these new conditions. Furthermore, the platform is asked to show the European Commission whether consumers really have the opportunity to clearly and completely understand the conditions before accepting them.

Now WhatsApp has time until the end of February to provide the Commission with all the expected answers.

Stop unlimited backups on Google Drive

Another not too happy news for the instant messaging platform concerns Google Drive. On which it will no longer be possible to make an unlimited and free backup of the WhatsApp chat.

It is always WABetaInfo to reveal that Google’s service in the near future will always offer a space at no cost, but no longer without space limits.