WhatsApp down on iOS: what happened

WhatsApp down su iOS: cosa è successo thumbnail

Over the course of the day today, many users shared tweets complaining about the problems they were experiencing the WhatsApp App on iOS. Apparently, anyone who tried to open the messaging application would have failed due to a bug that caused it to hang. A problem that could be Facebook’s fault, given that there are currently no updates on WhatsApp. But let’s see in detail what happened today.

WhatsApp: iOS bugs the messaging app

For the whole day, the WhatsApp App on iOS has created problems for users blocking and preventing its opening as soon as the icon was touched on the home screen. Someone speculated that the problem could be due to the release of iOS 15.2, but then it was noticed that the App was causing problems with the old operating system as well. From what we know, the bug has affected both the traditional version of WhatsApp is that of WhatsApp Business. For its part, however, the platform made no mention of the problem.

Despite this, it is clear that the bug posed a problem for iOS WhatsApp users. On the other hand, we are talking about one of the most used messaging applications in the world. So much so that it has been downloaded and installed over 5 billion times. Not surprisingly, it would seem that last year only WhatsApp helped to generate between $ 5 billion and $ 10 billion in revenue for Facebook. Not to mention that the platform is estimated to have ben 2.3 billion active users daily. In short, a bug in the iOS operating system certainly does not seem to have benefited users. Yet we still don’t know how this can be solved. And who knows if WhatsApp will tell us. All that remains is to wait.