Horizon Forbidden West: Shown some screenshots from PS4

Developers Guerrilla Games recently shared on twitter several great screenshots of Horizon Forbidden West captured from PS4

Now the release of Horizon Forbidden West is not far away. From the period of the announcement of the title to today we have been able to observe some short sections of gameplay that have introduced the news, both in combat and in exploration. Today, however, the developers based in Amsterdam have shared some suggestive on their twitter profile screenshot from Horizon Forbidden West caught this time by console PS4. Let’s find out the details together in the rest of the article.

The latest screenshots of Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 reveal amazing landscapes

The gameplay trailers shown so far have anticipated the future innovations of the game from the side gameplay. In the latter we were able to discover the introduction of the grappling hook, the sessions underwater (much feared by players) and several other additions to the combat system which could give more variety. Today instead, let’s find out the detail graphic which will have Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 in these latest released screenshots. Certainly one can notice a light step back from the images captured on PS5, especially with regards to Aloy’s hair. However, it is still amazing how the developers are doing pushing to the limit hardware that is several years old.

Horizon Forbidden West: Shown some screenshots from PS4

This is because the title after several second thoughts internal to the company, will also arrive on PS4. Another striking aspect of these images is the incredible density of the vegetation and the consequent increase in the play of light e naturalistic views. Also there distance to the horizon seems to have increased, as has the presence in the game world of new machines with animal features. New machines that we can see too in the last trailer released. The game will be released on February 18, 2022 for console PS4 e PS5.

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