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WhatsApp down throughout Italy: what is happening?

Starting at 9 this morning (25 October 2022), the reports of a WhatsApp down: l’app it does not work in all of Italy. But already yesterday after 6pm many reported connection problems. What is happening?

WhatsApp doesn’t work: why is the app down in Italy?

If you don’t see the blue ticks, it’s not your smartphone’s fault. In fact, there is a real boom in reports of disruption for WhatsApp on Downdetector, with tens of thousands of Italians (and even more on social networks) who are complaining of various types of disservices. From the smartphone it is not possible to send and receive messages, even the desktop application does not seem to work.

All after yesterday WhatsApp had indicated a goodbye to support for some old devices, no longer able to support the application. It’s about the devices Android with versions prior to 4.1 (we arrive at 13) and iPhone stopped at viOS versions 10 and 11 (this is the case for example of the iPhone 5 or earlier models).

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At the moment no official statement from WhatsApp suggests that the app does not work due to the end of support for these smartphones. Which are a minority on the Italian scene and could not alone cause a boom in reports. Nor are there any analysts who have been able to link the problem to a software update.

But the coincidence seems noteworthy. Although it could be a completely different problem, perhaps related to servers used from the system. Or a simple mistake that can be solved in a short time.

At the moment Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has not made any statements about it: we will keep you updated. But certainly this type of problem creates many disservices, especially in our country where WhatsApp has become the most used form of communication, even by many commercial activities.

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