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Apple Music: The price of the service increases in the US

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Increase the price of Apple Music ed Apple TV+. And consequently also that of the Apple One bundle. A general increase, ranging from $ 1 to $ 3. So let’s find out the details.

Apple Music and Apple TV +: increase the price of subscriptions

For the first time, Apple raises the subscription price of Music, TV + and Apple One in the United States. A decision that seems linked toincreased licensing costs. The Cupertino company, in fact, said that artists and songwriters will earn more from the stream due to the price changes. “Subscription prices for Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple One will increase starting today,” a spokesperson said.

“The change for Apple Music is due to increased licensing costs and, in turn, artists and songwriters will earn more for streaming their music. We also continue to add innovative features that make Apple Music the best listening experience in the world. We introduced Apple TV + at a very low price because we started with just a few shows and movies. Three years later, Apple TV + hosts a broad selection of award-winning and acclaimed series, feature films, documentaries and entertainment for children and families of the world’s most creative storytellers. ” As anticipated, the price increase will fluctuate between $ 1 and $ 3but let’s see what are the updated costs for services in the United States.

Apple Music

  • Individual: $ 10.99 per month
  • Family: $ 16.99 per month
  • Annual individual: $ 109

Apple TV+

  • Monthly: $ 6.99
  • Annual: $ 69

Bundle Apple One

  • Individual: $ 16.95 per month
  • Family: $ 22.95 per month
  • Premier: $ 32.95 per month

For now, the Apple Music and Apple TV + price changes will only affect the United States. But it is to be expected that the increase will also “hit” users in other countries. In any case, subscribers will receive notifications of planned price increases 30 days before the renewal of the service at the higher price. So, if the increase will also touch Italy we will know soon.

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