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WhatsApp for iOS, voices can also be heard outside chat

After about a month of testing, WhatsApp has released an update for iOS which allows you to listen to the vowels even when you are in another chat. A feature that allows you to reply on other chats or groups while continuing to listen to what a friend or relative wants to tell you.

WhatsApp for iOS, the voices can also be heard outside the chat

The version 22.4.75 of the app allows you to listen to audio files without having to stay in the chat where the voice arrived. This way you can change chat to reply to a friend, send a sticker to another group. All without interruptinga reproduction. You too can do some multitasking and optimize times.

This novelty is just one of the new features affecting vowels on the platform. We recently had a chance to put in pause while recording an audio message and resume later. A feature that many users have been waiting for: it definitely improves the use of the app.

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In addition to the news on vowels, there are many others arrived on the iPhone. For example the ability to show your face dthe person who sent you a message on the lock screen, as is the case with Twitter and Slack. And then again the support for Focus Mode, which allows some users to reach you when you are in full concentration.

To get all these functions, all you have to do is update WhatsApp on the App Store. Given the continuous updating of WhatsApp, you could also evaluate the possibility of granting automatic updates. If, on the other hand, you are a Beta user, you have already been trying the new vocal functions for at least a month. Tell us: do you find them useful? Let us know in the comments.

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