WhatsApp: ecco le nuove funzionalità per gli aggiornamenti di stato thumbnail

WhatsApp: here are the new features for status updates

WhatsApp: here are the new features for thumbnail status updates

Whether for iOS or Android phones, status updates presented by Whatsapp they are useful and amazing.

Whatsapp updates, new features for everyone

The updates mainly concern the status that each user has been able to enter for some years now, in the wake of Instagram and Snapchat stories.

In the intentions of the app of Meta, the new features should improve the so-called user experience. Let’s see them in detail:

  • Vowels: with the new update it will be possible to insert vowels of a maximum of 30 seconds directly in the Whatsapp status. It is an addition that inevitably makes the app much more intimate than before, but if you love communicating vocally and not through images, then you will certainly appreciate this addition.
  • Reaction: now you can insert reactions to Whatsapp statuses, exactly as it happens with messages. The emojis available are the same: heart, smile, joined hands and so on. And just like with reactions to messages, you can choose which smiley to use from the thousands available in the list of emoticons.
  • Selection of privacy: Thanks to the update, users can more quickly choose who can see or not see status updates. Your choice of audience will then be set as the default for the next story.
  • Rings“, status updates in a circle: now it will be much easier to check if our contacts have added a new story to their status. In fact, a bright blue circle around the profile photo in the chat list will take care of reporting everything.
  • Link previews: very useful for those who usually update their status by adding links. With this function it will be possible to preview what you intend to share, giving an immediate idea of ​​the content.

Many of these features have been announced previously, but are only now arriving on the smartphones of all global users registered on Whatsapp. So, if you don’t currently have all or just a portion of these updates, fear not! Very soon you too will receive, as usual, l’upgrade to be able to take full advantage of these new modes and experiment with your statuses.

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