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WhatsApp introduces the transfer of chats from iPhone to Android

With the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 which took place today, a new feature is introduced for transferring the chat history of WhatsApp. The popular messaging application now supports transferring history from iPhone to Android. This is a feature that has been in development for several months and that today, finally, makes its official debut.

The transfer of the chat history of WhatsApp from iOS to Android is reality

The debut of Samsung’s new smartphones coincides with the launch of the possibility of transfer WhatsApp history from iOS to Android. Initially, this feature will only be active for Samsung’s new leaflets. Later (in the next few weeks) it will arrive for Samsung smartphones with Android 10 or later.

It will be necessary to wait a few months for the new feature to arrive on other Android smartphones. In addition, reverse transfer from Android to iOS will also be supported in the future. More details on the timing of this new feature’s arrival should emerge in the coming weeks. For the moment, in fact, no official details have been revealed.

How history transfer works

The procedure foreseen for the transfer of WhatsApp conversation history foresees the need for connect via a USB-C / Lightning cable the two smartphones. Note that transferring the chat history will result in the deletion of any backups saved on the cloud. Furthermore, it will not be possible to transfer the history from the iPhone and integrate it with a previous backup on the cloud.

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