WhatsApp sta lavorando su una nuova funzionalità per trascrivere i messaggi vocali thumbnail

WhatsApp is working on a new feature to transcribe voice messages

WhatsApp is grappling with a series of updates and the news does not seem to be finished: the popular messaging app is in fact thinking of inserting a feature that should allow the written transcription of voice messages.

WhatsApp voice messages may be transcribed

The indiscretion was launched by the WABetaInfo site, which noted the ability to transcribe voice messages in the latest iOS beta version of WhAtsapp. In practice, the app should be able to understand what was said in a vowel and then go on to report everything in text form.

However, it must be said that this feature is certainly not new in the world of messaging: already Telegram has introduced a similar mode, albeit for the paid version.

Returning to WhatsApp, however historic this decision may appear, there are still some limitations which, with a bit of luck, should be overcome in the final version: an example sees the function blocking on unidentifiable words or languages ​​not present in the settings.

It is not yet clear when the new mode will be officially extended not only to Apple, but also to Android phones. What is certain is that unlike Telegram, the functionality will be free, as well as being an excellent tool inclusive.

Let’s think of how many people cannot listen to vocal audio due to a disability: if Whatsapp were to seriously distribute the possibility of transcribing voice messages, it would not only be a good sign, but also a way to increase its user base.

Also, a privacy guaranteethe transcripts will not be uploaded to the WhatsApp servers or those of smartphone manufacturers, but will remain limited to your device.

In the meantime we can still enjoy new features related to statuses such as previewing links and inserting voice messages, as well as the ability to send messages to yourself without resorting to fake groups.

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