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Xbox One and Series X/S: top 10, the best games for Valentine’s Day

Blooming green as at the crossroads between two kindred souls: Here are our best Valentine’s Day games on Xbox One and Series X/S

By now you should already know, but today it is Saint Valentine we will publish three different rankings for the best games themed for each console and it’s time to Xbox One e Series X/S. Luckily for you, while currently boasting two cross reviews for the emerald-colored consoles, the writer has called on two exceptional friends, one of whom is in turn a reviewer for a monothematic magazine dedicated precisely to this great platform family. And, comparing ourselves, here’s what came out: a box with ten pistachio chocolates, all of them for you! You two, in this case.

Issue 10: Guacamelee – The best Xbox One and Series X/S games for Valentine’s Day

Leading the way for Valentine’s Top Ten, we have one of the best games on Xbox One and Series X (and S). The Metroidvania tribute to Mexican culture, Guacamelee!, makes its appearance in the ranking thanks to a gameplay capable of mixing the contextual utility of moves during combat with their use for platforming… and for co-op, of course. Add to that a love story loaded with all the passion of Central America, and the end result is a title as suitable for luchadors celebrating Valentine’s Day as Dia de Los Muertos. Olé!

Issue 9: Stardew Valley – The best Xbox One and Series X/S games for Valentine’s Day

What happens when we mix the golden years of Harvest Moon with the ever growing hybrid genre of farming sims with RPG elements? If we add a pinch of Animal Crossing to the formula, the first answer that comes to mind is Stardew Valley. The co-op goes well (heh heh, “bride”) both with the fights and with the management of rural life, for a peaceful gaming experience in which to bask in this special day. And if this inspires you and you suddenly feel able to manage the garden under the house, so be it… as long as the vegetables don’t end up spoiling your better half too much, of course.

Issue 8: Minecraft – The best Xbox One and Series X/S games for Valentine’s Day

All of today’s leaderboards boast cross-platform titles, but for each of them we try to associate it with the “most sensible” console. So don’t be too surprised if you find none other than peeping into an Xbox ranking Minecraft. What has been said, or rather what has NOT been said, about this game by now? The co-op component makes this goose that lays (cubic) golden eggs a real treat, but the versatility of the game beats even what Stardew Valley has to offer in variety, which is far from a little. Fight? To survive? Build? Do what you like, as long as you love each other.

Issue 7: Life is Strange – The best Xbox One and Series X/S games for Valentine’s Day

If you are the “Netflix, sofa, plaid and hot chocolate” type but also love the controller, a good compromise can provide it Life is Strange. After all, few things warm the heart more than a reunion between two friends like Max and Chloe, especially when the first of her discovers she can rewind time to save the second from a bullet. In this narrative adventure, the choices that the player makes count above all, including those that could lead the two to discover that they can be more than just friends. Or maybe not, who knows? The title says it, life can be really strange!

Issue 6: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition – The best Xbox One and Series X/S games for Valentine’s Day

Instead of dedicating a ninth place to Assassin’s Creed Origins (as was our intention before a last-minute change), we opted for a daring love story like the one between Aya and Bayek, but less serious and with a bit of co- oops more. Bryan Lee O’Malley’s brilliant graphic novel returns with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition, that is, a lot of beat-em-up co-op action that speaks of both contemporary love and love for video games like the reference comic (and annexed live-action adaptation to the cinema). Soundtrack by chiptune band Anamanaguchi and sprite by Paul Robertson (as we already said in two different articles)? Where should we sign?!

Issue 5: Cuphead – The best Xbox One and Series X/S games for Valentine’s Day

If you want to test your harmony, you can go all out with a baptism of blood. The cartoons of the 30s are stylistically revived in Cuphead, which is fully usable in two-player co-op. You’ll have to hold on and hold on if you want to earn the coveted (and hard-earned) “A knockout!” against the fearsome bosses of the game. You don’t need to be good, though: being able to accept defeat (especially when your character’s silhouette is so close to the final flag) without biting each other is already a symptom of a lasting relationship. If “a fight is sure to boil”, it’s always better that it only happens on screen, right?

Issue 4: Portal 2 – The best Xbox One and Series X/S games for Valentine’s Day

No, don’t worry: we don’t want to set you up on a blind date with GLaDOS, if that’s what you’re thinking. Simply, years later the co-op of Portal 2 it remains an absolute bomb, just as the predecessor remains a pearl even if you play it alone. Of course, compared to Cuphead there is talk of a specific and separate mode only for those who want a couple experience, but if it is the raids of ATLAS and P-Body that win fourth place, there must be a reason. Be careful, though: you have two more portals to solve the puzzles, and the level design will take this into account to test your wits!

Issue 3: Sea of ​​Thieves – The best Xbox One and Series X/S games for Valentine’s Day

It’s now rare that Rare is properly exploited to return to experiences on par with its former glory, but “Microsoft’s personal Nintendo” is still a first-rate studio. And what better demonstration than a title like Sea of Thieves? The pirate open world of the British development team is perfect for spending time with a soul mate, as part of a single crew. And, body of a thousand whales, together you can face the whole world! Literally, in PvP. And at the risk of us walking the plank for such a foregone conclusion… you’ll also find that you’re each other’s treasure. Better than this!

Issue 2: It Takes Two – The best Xbox One and Series X/S games for Valentine’s Day

We tried to avoid highlighting a disastrous relationship like that of Cody and May, but in the end the youngest son of the volcanic Josef Fares had to deserve a place somewhere. Yes, the deuteragonists of It Takes Two they are the most detestable parents in the gaming sphere, but it is also true that the 2021 game of the year is based on dramatic irony. While the on-screen spouses are at loggerheads, the gameplay offers the two players to rediscover a chemistry never felt before. But be sure to take note of what NOT to do with your offspring. We ask you please.

Numero 1: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

What’s better than Cody and May for Valentine’s Day? Actually, many things now that we think about it. But how about a game experience in which you constantly explore a small spaceship from the inside, to defend it from dangers by maneuvering its various cannons? Because that’s what defines the gameplay of in short Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. This indie “below all suspicion” is a pearl conceived with co-op in mind, and which better than any other experience described in this top translates the concept of telepathic harmony between two lovers into a gameplay loop. The ship is a metaphor for your life together, and for the roles you will be able to live every day of your life together from here on out. Congratulations!

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: how would you have compiled the ranking? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Kinguin.