WhatsApp may require payment documents

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Some experts would have found the clues in the code of an upcoming app update, the beta Presto, WhatsApp might ask users of documents to verify your identity before making any payments. The functionality WhatsApp Pay, which has not yet arrived in Italy, may soon require an additional level of security.

WhatsApp, in beta the verification of documents for payments

WhatsApp Pay allows you to pay within the platform, without having to follow external links to PayPal, credit card services or other online payment systems. The function in India requires you to verify only the associated telephone number to WhatsApp with the bank account. Facebook Pay, in Brazil, requires you to check your credit or debit card before granting payments.

But according to the latest analysis, the beta provides for the upload of identity documents to verify the legitimacy of the account. The new function could be related to the launch of the service in a new country, where the legislation provides for this additional step to enable online payments.

At the moment it does not seem that WhatsApp is bringing the Pay service toeven in Italy. In all likelihood, he wants to test the function thoroughly in other realities before launching in Europe, where he has repeatedly had to manage extra restrictions in terms of privacy and user management. But the fact that it requires further verification steps it could be a good sign for the arrival of the function also in our country, sooner or later.

Recently WhatsApp has also made new changes in terms of privacy, such as the ability to enable the end-to-end encryption for backup as well multimedia data. Privacy and security are certainly two issues that the platform must manage in the best possible way to support its payments service. That could soon become crucial given the large number of professionals who are using WhatsApp to offer services and products.

We will keep you updated for updates on the matter.