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WhatsApp: new details on reactions to messages arrive

A few weeks ago it had been discovered that WhatsApp was at work introducing the reaction ai messaggi: similar to how it happens in other messaging systems, such as in Instagram DMs, it will be possible add an emoji to a person’s messages. Now, according to the latest beta of the app, it seems that the work is progressing quickly and we have some more information on this feature.

Everything we know about reactions to WhatsApp messages

A couple of months ago we announced that WhatsApp was working on the message reactions feature. We knew the platform would allow you to add reset emojis to a user’s message, such as a heart. This method would allow you to reply to a message with a reaction without writing the answer directly to the user.

Now, thanks to the latest beta, we know that reactions will be available in individual chat threads and group chats. Also everyone will be able to see who reacted to a message simply by viewing information about the reaction.

Photo credits: WaBetaInfo.

As you can see in this screenshot, all reactions are listed in the first tab labeled “All”, then the WhatsApp groups that reacted to a message using a specific emoji, in a separate tab. The user will be able to react to a specific message once and the reactions are limited to 6 emojis.

The function was identified during the development of the WhatsApp beta for iOS, but WhatsApp is also working to bring the same functionality to the WhatsApp beta for Android. Reactions to the messages are under development and unfortunately no release date is known.

Custom stickers are coming

personalized stickers whatsapp-min

A new feature may be available soon for WhatsApp, to allow you to realize the your personalized stickers directly in the app. At the moment it is only possible through an external software, with which it is possible to create stickers from photographs or drawings. But a built-in feature is expected to arrive in the messaging app beta soon.

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