WhatsApp: the same account on different smartphones

WhatsApp: lo stesso account su smartphone diversi thumbnail

One of the most awaited features of Whatsapp is finally coming: soon we will be able to use it same account on different smartphones. A feature that allows those who use multiple devices (perhaps one for home and one for work) to text without discontinuity.

WhatsApp, same account on different smartphones (up to 4)

Until now, anyone who was logged into WhatsApp on one phone and wanted to use another phone had to log out of the first device. There were alternative methods using WhatsApp Web, via the mobile browser, but the experience wasn’t optimal. Those like us who often find themselves testing new devices for reviews had to synchronize their account very often, risking losing messages when switching from one smartphone to another. But the same situation occurred for many who have a corporate smartphone, and had to choose which one to keep WhatsApp on.

Now, fortunately, Meta communicated that the app will allow you to use the same account on multiple smartphones. All while continuing to take advantage of the WhatsApp end-to-end encryption on private messages.

An interesting novelty also from a business point of view. Businesses that use the app to communicate with customers might want to give multiple people access to your account on different devices.

In order to use the new feature you will need to set up first WhatsApp on a smartphone, then install the app on another device. When you launch the app and start the setup procedure, you won’t have to enter your phone number and other data, but press “Link to existing account”. This will create a codice QRto be scanned to link accounts.

This update should be available soon, with Meta saying it should be released to everyone in the next weeks.