WhatsApp sarà più trasparente in UE: i dati degli utenti non saranno condivisi thumbnail

WhatsApp will be more transparent in the EU: the app will not share data

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications in Europe. To maintain its benchmark role in the messaging industry in the EU, the app has taken a series of important commitments to the European Commission. For the future, in fact, WhatsApp will be more transparent towards users. Here are the details:

More transparency towards consumers in Europe for WhatsApp: new commitments made with the EU

WhatsApp has made important commitments to the EU for its future. The application confirmed that, in compliance with European legislationuser information will not be used for advertising purposes and, therefore, they will not be shared with third-party apps or with other Meta companies like Facebook e Instagram.

WhatsApp is also committed to make notifications related to changes to the terms of service and updates less invasive. Such notifications may be ignored and updates may be delayed. Also note that users will have the option to decline the updated terms of service.

On the matter, the app has confirmed that it will be committed to transparently clarify when the user’s refusal will result in the inability to use WhatsApp in the future. With these commitments, WhatsApp will fully comply with the EU Digital Services Law. The various commitments made by the application will be implemented in a phased manner.

For the future, in any case, WhatsApp intends, at least in words, to adhere to the smallest details of the regulations in force in Europe, a market that represents a very important reference for the app.

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