Italia e Germania provano a bloccare lo stop alla vendita di auto benzina e diesel in UE thumbnail

Italy and Germany against the stop on the sale of petrol and diesel cars

The ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars in the EU from 2035 seemed to be a done deal. In recent days, however, the contrary position of Italy and Germany with regard to the provision, it has become clearer and the two countries are trying to slow down the legislative process, with the aim of finding a compromise for the future of the car in Europe.

Germany and Italy are against the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars in the EU

Italy has found an ally in the fight against the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars: also there Germania she is against. The two countries managed to move the vote defined in the Commission regarding the stop and are now looking for a new compromise to find legislation that is acceptable to all.

The Italian Government has already clarified its contrary position. Meanwhile, the Germania intends to find space, in the future of the car in Europe, for the e-fuel or synthetic fuels which, according to the German Government, should continue to be used after 2035 in the EU, replacing petrol and diesel.

The electrification of the car market in the EU continues but between now and 2035 there is still a long way to go. Both Italy and Germany intend to find alternative solutions to what has already been established with the vote of the EU Parliament which decreed the definitive stop to the sale of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars starting from 2035. We’ll see how the story develops.

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