Which video games to try during the quarantine?

The time of quarantine is always a feeling of loneliness. When people hear this word, they get angry because there is a lot of free time and no one knows how to spend it. Video games are one of the best options

Modern developers offer current and potential customers a wide variety of designs. These are games of different themes, difficulties – for girls and boys, for teenagers and people of age. In a word, everyone can find something interesting for themselves.

Next, we will consider the rating of the best games that allow each person to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world and have fun. We have selected the 4 best games for you:

  • Far Cry 6
  • Deathloop
  • New World
  • Game of Thrones Power Stacks
  • Next, we will consider each representative of this rating in more detail.

    Far Cry 6

    Which video games to try during the quarantine?

    Far Cry 6 will be out soon, judging by the date it appeared on the Microsoft store. Previously the project had already been postponed, and now the release date of Far Cry 6 is set for May 25, although Ubisoft has not given official confirmation. Subsequently, the date was postponed to autumn. And official SEA sources filed the indictment on 7 October. However, the Microsoft Store hasn’t been wrong with the dates in the past. As such, the leak can most likely be trusted and anyone can purchase Far Cry 6 after release.

    A leak from the Microsoft store revealed that the FC6 is 50GB in size. However, the weight of the files may vary depending on the game platform. The exact system requirements for Far Cry 6 are still unknown. However, as the title is coming out on older generation consoles, it’s unlikely to be transcendental. It is assumed that a video card with 4 GB of video memory and a processor of 5-6 years will be enough for comfortable gaming.


    Which video games to try while quarantined?

    Deathloop is an action game in which players travel to Black Reef Island, where lawlessness reigns. Players will take part in the eternal struggle between two assassins with extraordinary abilities. The island is filled with a variety of locations that must be carefully explored to get an edge over your opponent in order to break the endless vicious cycle of comebacks and resurrections.

    Players will experience a dynamic mix of shooter and roguelike, in which two heroes – Colt and Julianne – face off in a deadly game of cat and mouse. The key feature of Deathloop is the ability to “rewind time”, which allows you to start over after another death and think of a plan with a greater chance of success. Deathloop can be played alone or in co-op: in the latter case, the second player takes on the role of Julianne and begins the hunt for Colt.

    New World

    Which video games to try during the quarantine?

    New World is a massively multiplayer sandbox from Amazon Game Studios set in a fantasy setting.

    The developers propose to forge their own destiny together with other players in a living but hostile world. Players are given complete freedom of choice: what to do, who to be, how to build the economy and cities, for whom and with whom to fight. The world of New World is full of primal horrors: from classic beasts to fantastic creatures. To face them alone or to join for it with other players – you have to decide.

    The game is set in the 17th century in North America, the period of colonization. Against the backdrop of medieval fantasy and other traditional settings, this approach looks unusual and tempting. The game features changing seasons, a weather system and a dynamic daily cycle. By the way, all these aspects are very important, especially the day / night cycle, as there are several enemies at different times of the day.

    Game of Thrones Power Stacks

    Which video games to try during the quarantine?

    At the end of the evaluation, we present to you a rather atypical game called Game of Thrones Power Stacks from the world famous and proven online casino software operator Microgaming. The automatic game will not leave anyone indifferent. The gameplay promises to be fun and action-packed, and the emulator’s generosity is simply incredible.

    Game of Thrones Power Stacks is a proprietary slot from Slingshot Studios (Microgaming) that is played on 5 reels with 40 paylines. The regular payout symbol is chosen to add power to each spin and the bonus round has a 2x multiplier. This multiplier also applies to Link & Win jackpots if the feature is triggered by a free spin and this can result in total payouts of up to 25,000 times your stake.

    You can find this exciting emulator and new Microgaming product at any non-AAMS online casino. Gaming establishment customers are offered the possibility of initially playing the emulator using the (free) demo mode, and then, if they wish, they can place real bets.