Who is the villain of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Dark Ashes?

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Dark Ashes is the new title in the highly cinematic stand-alone horror game series. They are meant to entertain with a great deal of terror, and are completely unrelated to each other. To play a title, therefore, it will not be necessary to know the plot of the previous ones.

House of Ashes will be distributed on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. It will arrive on the shelves of physical and virtual stores on October 22, 2021, thus reaching both the old generation consoles and the new ones.

The game modes of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Dark Ashes

Among the game modes, it will be possible to face the campaign with a friend online thanks to the Shared Story mode. If, on the other hand, you can physically meet up with your friends, you can enter House of Ashes with 4 other players on the same sofa. This is possible thanks to the Movie Night mode of the horror title.

The most attentive fans of the title may notice, in the trailer published on social networks, a hidden message. This leads to a special website, full of secrets and information about the House of Ashes game world.

The plot of the horror title

Here are the narrative premises on which the game’s plot is based, provided directly by the distributor BANDAI NAMCO:

Hello, in the shadow of the Zagros Mountains a military unit has a fire fight with Iraqi forces. The result of this battle is a seismic shock that causes both sides to fall into the buried ruins of a Sumerian time. With all communications cut off, our protagonists are trapped in a terrifying underworld that they will have to explore in order to escape, unaware that something ancient and evil has awakened and found new prey to hunt.

In this terrible underground you will have to ask yourself who your real enemy is. The monsters hiding in the darkness or the other people trapped with you? Will you put rivalries aside to face a common enemy? Difficult decisions will have to be made… and the consequences could be deadly.

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