Who Knocks, Gravitaslabs and VR46 Metaverse bring “ValeVerse” to life on The Sandbox

Juventus-Lecce: dove vedere la partita?

Who Knocks creates “ValeVerse” a revolutionary experience in the metaverse in collaboration with Gravitaslabs (Animoca Brands) and VR46 Metaverse by Valentino Rossi

An extraordinary collaboration has been announced that is revolutionizing the world of digital entertainment and motorsport. Who Knocks, a renowned Italian creative studio specializing in the field of Web 3.0, has collaborated with Gravitaslabs, subsidiary of Animoca Brands, and VR46 Metaverse, by Valentino Rossi, to create an unprecedented experience in the popular The Sandbox metaverse, called “ValeVerse”.

Details on the “ValeVerse” created by Who Knocks for Gravitaslabs and VR46 Metaverse

ValeVerse represents a unique experience developed by Who Knocks on behalf of Gravitaslabs and VR46 Metaverse on The Sandbox. In this epic adventure, players can test their skills by taking on immersive missions to earn exclusive rewards. The ValeVerse Pass offers access to exclusive benefits, including chances to win autographed merchandise; and also tickets for the races and even an extraordinary meeting with the legend Valentino Rossi himself.

ValeVerse’s official collection of assets on The Sandbox includes digital objects; among these we find iconic motorbikes and avatars, allowing users to express their passion for sport and create their own personalized gaming experiences.

Who Knocks, Gravitaslabs and VR46 Metaverse bring “ValeVerse” to life on The Sandbox

Who Knocks: an Italian company with an ambitious vision for the future of the metaverse

In this partnership, Who Knocks played a key role not only in designing the brand’s offering and creating the game world; but also in building engaging models and creating a compelling story for ValeVerse. Their expertise in the field of Web 3.0 and business development has pushed the known boundaries of the metaverse platform The Sandbox; offering players an unprecedented experience.

This collaboration marks only the beginning of a long-term vision; vision in which Who Knocks and Gravitaslabs will continue to collaborate to develop additional digital assets and experiences in the automotive, sports, music and many other sectors. The goal is to further expand the activation of iconic brands in existing or new Web3 platforms; paving the way for new frontiers of digital entertainment.

Francesco MonteleoneCEO of Who Knocks Srl, enthusiastically expressed his involvement in this partnership:

We are proud to have partnered with Gravitaslabs and brought to life ValeVerse, a revolutionary experience in the metaverse. This project represents the beginning of a new era in digital entertainment and demonstrates our commitment to innovation in the field of Web 3.0. We are excited to continue this collaboration and explore new opportunities in the metaverse.

This partnership between Who Knocks, Gravitaslabs, part of Animoca Brands, and VR46 Metaverse has created a metaverse experience that changes the way motorsport fans can interact with their favorite champions. To immerse yourself in new dimensions of gaming and entertainment. Here is the official press release with all the details.

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