WHO launches the App to expose yourself to the sun safely

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Summer is upon us, it is undeniable. And precisely for this reason theWorld Health Organization announced the launch of SunSmart Global UVan App that provides users with useful information about the UV level of the area in which they are located. In addition to suggesting a number of steps to take for expose yourself to the sun safely. So let’s find out how the application works specifically.

SunSmart Global UV, the App to protect yourself from the sun

Available for free on the Apple and Google stores, SunSmart Global UV is an App created by the WHO in collaboration with World Meteorological Organizationlo United Nations Environment Programme and theInternational Labour Organization. Globally renowned organizations that have moved to provide people with a useful tool to protect themselves from exposure to sunlight. “Evidence shows that overexposure to UV rays is the leading cause of skin cancer. So it is vital that people know when and how to protect themselves – he declares Maria Neira, director of the WHO Department for Environment, Climate Change and Health -. We encourage everyone to use the application to protect themselves and their children and to make it a daily habit “.

SunSmart Global UV

Being aimed at a very wide audience, SunSmart Global UV boasts a simple and intuitive interface. The level of risk of exposure to the sun is reported by theindice UV, which describes the level of ultraviolet radiation on the earth’s surface. Whereas it is expressed by an increasing scale of values ​​ranging from 1 – Basso – at 11 and above – Extreme -, here it will be easy to understand whether or not to expose yourself to the sun in a certain area. “This App combines meteorological, environmental and health skills to help protect people from the sun both at work and in their free time. It is unique in that it uses data from nationwide weather and UV measurement stations to provide accurate, location-specific UV index readings. So he commented Petteri Tallas, general secretary of the World Meteorological Organization. “It is an excellent example of science at the service of society”.

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