Who will be CEO of Twitter after Musk?

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After the poll with his followers, who asked for his resignation, Elon Musk promised to look for a new CEO for Twitter, to take its place after he steps aside. But who could, in Musk’s own words, prove himself”foolish enough to take the job”?

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Twitter: Who will be the CEO after Elon Musk?

The next executive to head the social network should have some very clear characteristics to fill that post. A past in the world of technology (especially social media) would reassure the advertisers that have abandoned Twitter after some risky choices by Musk. But he would also have to have the nerves of steel to run a platform whose owner tweets decisions and opinions every day that could make the job more difficult. Because if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Musk will remain active on Twitter even if he ceases to be CEO. The new CEO will have to learn to manage the situation by pleasing Musk but giving the feeling of remaining in control.

Not an easy job, then. Also because it could have a quick deadline. Musk has privatized Twitter, so he can decide to change managers in a snap. And the former Twitter administration knows it well.

All of this assuming Musk actually agrees to appoint a Twitter CEO after losing the poll. In these first months of his Twitter we have seen how fickle he is. But assuming that he will keep his word, we think that his replacements can be divided into three categories: the Faithful, the Experts and the Surprises.

An Elon Musk Loyal following him as CEO of Twitter

The first chance to replace Musk as CEO of Twitter after any resignation is a member of the billionaire’s circle. This would allow Musk to have a person who shares values ​​and opinions, leaving only partial control.

David Sacks

david sacks ceo twitter after musk min

Sacks was next to Musk already at the time of the merger of X.com con PayPal. And even in recent months, he has shown time and time again that he supports the billionaire, no matter what stance he takes: whether Musk seeks a feud with Apple or he wants to cancel accounts that follow his own jet.

He also has experience in managing a social network: Yammerwhich he sold to Microsoft in 2012 for $1.2 billion.

Jason Calacanis

jason calacanis ceo musk after twitter min

A tech reporter during the dot-com boom years, Calacanis found success investing in companies like Uber e Robinhood when they were still startups. Publicly, she tweeted “Who wants the most miserable job in the tech AND media world? Who is crazy enough to run Twitter?”

But privately, Musk’s latest trial shows that Calacanis wrote to Musk immediately after the acquisition that “CEO of Twitter would be my dream job.” Are they about to come true?

Steve Davis

steve davis boring company min

Steve Davis manages Boring Companythe tunnel construction project that Musk founded in 2016. It seems that to help his boss in the new adventure he moved to the Twitter headquarters with his newborn.

With a background in aerospace engineering, experiences a SpaceX and the passion for workplace “hardcore culture” that Musk lauds seems like a viable candidate.

Sriram Krishnan

Sriram Krishnan

Sriram Krishnan worked for mobile advertising companies such as Snap (behind Snapchat) e Facebook. In the last period you have had a role at the head of various Twitter teams: you have worked for some of the most important American social networks.

In the last period, also thanks to a program prima su Clubhouse and then up YouTube which he leads with his wife, built a trusting relationship with Musk and immediately jumped at the opportunity to work with him following the Twitter purchase. A perfect candidate on paper for Musk, and less controversial than the rest of his “magic circle”.

The Experts at the helm of the social network

If the “Loyal” all have on paper the will to manage the social network and the patience to do so with Musk tweeting edicts and opinions even after giving up the title of CEO of Twitter, the Experts have skills in the social field. And they would make advertisers happy. But could they ever agree to work for Musk?

Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg CEO twitter after musk min

Until recently Meta’s COO, few in the American tech world know better than Sheryl Sandberg how to manage advertisers: the success of Instagram e Facebook it is also due to his work to ensure a stable cash flow.

The executive left Meta to devote himself to family and philanthropy, but could return to take on the role of Twitter CEO after Musk. That she could devote herself to working on the product with social media engineers, leaving the policy and publicity management to those who have shown that they know how to do it.

Vanessa Pappas

Vanessa Pappas 1 min

Another woman, another COO for a large social media company: TikTok. After helping launch the program for i creatives on YouTube (with huge success), the executive brought TikTok to monetize big time. But he could leave the social network, especially after the problems he is experiencing in America.

Musk has spoken several times about monetize videos, to engage with creatives on the platform. Pappas could be just the guy.

Emmett Shear

Emmett Shear

Emmett Shear he co-founded and directs Twitch: then created and led to a billion-dollar acquisition a very community- and creative-focused social platform. If Musk really wants to monetize videos and produce better content, Shear might be the right option (though probably the most expensive).

Kevin Systrom

kevin systrom ceo twitter after musk min

Kevin Systrom he co-founded and ran for years Instagram, which at the moment remains the dominant social platform in terms of cultural impact and number of users. After leaving the company in 2018 (apparently due to quarrels with Zuckerberg), he could take the opportunity to lead another social network.

Systrom has the experience to not only lead a company to success, but also handle the pressure of a billionaire owner. Though after Zuckerberg, maybe he doesn’t want to go on to discuss with Musk as well. Also, it’s a very expensive option.

The Surprises: who could become CEO of Twitter after Musk

In addition to the names mentioned, there are dozens of executives who could manage Twitter in Musk’s place, with many experts and also a good number of loyalists who surround the billionaire owner of Tesla. But there are also assumptions almost absurd, which could cause much discussion. And given the last few months, they could turn out to be Musk’s favorite choices for this very reason.

Jack Dorsey

Orologio bitcoin Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey co-founded Twitter, only to end up fired two years later in 2008 for his unorthodox management style. In 2015 he returned and left the company right before Musk bought it. But has repeatedly supported Musk in the acquisition, saying he was the right person for the job.

Dorsey said he no longer wants to be CEO of the social network. But like Musk, this isn’t the first time he’s changed his mind. A return would be surprising and maybe it would not reassure advertisers enough. But it would bring Twitter back to the center of the news.

Reed Hastings

reed hastings netflix ceo

Netflix co-CEO said Musk is “the bravest and most creative person on the planet”. The kind of over-the-top flattery that Musk seems to value more than anything else. It’s time to Ted Sarandos joined Hastings as co-CEO, his role at the head of Netflix is ​​reduced. A change of company seems very difficult, but not impossible. Above all, it would be sensational: the kind of operation that only the “bravest and most creative people on the planet” could do.

Jared Kushner

jared kushner min

Scion of a family with one of the largest real estate companies in the United States and husband of Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner he has never worked directly in the technology industry. But his role as an entrepreneur and as a consultant to his father-in-law Donald Trump to the White House brought him to know well the family Saudi royala major Twitter investor.

Kushner and Musk watched together the final of the World Cup, guests of the Qatari royals. And Musk’s pro-Republican posts could push him to give way to a personality very close to Trump. Even if a nomination of this kind could lead to a flight of users (and advertisers) from which Twitter would struggle to recover.

These are the possible candidates for the role of CEO of Twitter after Musk, even if the possible names are many. However, we can say that, at the moment, the main candidate remains only one: Elon Musk himself. What do you think about it? Who would you like as CEO? Let us know in the comments.